Caitlin M.


Illness. Bugs. Death. Typhus is a horrible disease. Typhus is a disease were bugs kill people, and small poor countries will probably have typhus all around. Typhus has many different symptoms, and there are ways to prevent typhus.

How do you get Typhus?

To begin with diseases may transmitted person to person or from animal to people by lice, fleas, ticks, mites. Also the diseases named for the way they affect the human population for the type of reservoir host or the vector, or carrier. Finally types of these germs infect animals well as people. Down below the bug.
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The cure for typhus

Begging with doctors use antibiotics particularly tetracyclines and chloramphenicol, to treat typhus. Also they use specially prepared vaccines to prevent disease. Finally to control the spread typhus particularly during an medical personnel often use insecticides.


Typhus has many different symptoms, but we have a cure. Typhus is a disease were many people die but hopefully you will live.

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