Morning Notes

Thursday 11 February, 2016

Wishing Sasha in Grade 6 a very happy birthday!!

Get Ready for your Google Expeditions!

Tomorrow, we have a representative from Google visiting Halcyon. This is a very exciting opportunity for all students to take part in the Pioneer Programme of Google Expeditions. Expeditions is a virtual reality platform built for the classroom and on Friday, your teachers will lead you on a subject-based expedition! Each Grade will get a chance to test out this new programme.

The agenda for the day is as follows:

  • Period One, 0900-0930 Grade 9 with Ms Cooke - your expedition will be to Antarctica
  • Periods One to Two, 0930-1000 Grade 7Y and 7X with Ms Rose and Mr Simpson - your expedition will be to Gettysburg National Military Park
  • Period Two, 1000-1030 Grade 11 with Mr Jones - your expedition will be to the Galapagos Islands
  • Period Three, 1050-1120 Grade 6X and 6Y with Ms Carmen and Mr Gow - your expedition will be to Burj Khalifa
  • Periods Three to Four, 1120-1150 Grade 10 History students with Ms Cooke - your expedition will be to explore the Artifacts of the Tuskegee Airmen
  • Period Four, 1150-1220 Grade 8 with Mr Costa - your expedition will be to Mount Everest
  • Lunch
  • 1220-1250, Grade 10 Geographers, staff and parents with Ms Rose - your expedition will be to Mars

Students should go to their lesson and classroom as normal. Your teacher will then take you down to the Council Room for your expedition at the scheduled time.

On behalf of the Halcyonite eZine, we want you to get ready for World Book Week from 29 February to 04 March! There will be amazing activities all week to get involved in, and don't forget to dress up as your favourite book character for the catwalk on Friday 04 March. You will see posters around the school informing you on the various events we will be having, but here is the overall timeline of the week

Monday 29 Feb
Book week tokens issued
Goodnight Grade 6 (pyjama class)
Staff reading during lunch in open space
Grade 7 masked ball

Tuesday 01 March
Design a bookmark contest
Staff reading during lunch in open space
Grade 8 flash mob

Wednesday 02 March
Advisory quiz
Book swap
Book bin

Thursday 03 March
Grade 6 theatre visit
Advisory quiz

Friday 04 March
Dress as a character day
Book breakfast

Grade 10 Personal Project Report Writing Support

Location: in the Hub

Time: 1535 to 1630

Dates: Thursday 11 February

All Grade 10 students are invited to attend Learning Space after school for moral and technical support with their personal project reports. Ms Fritz and Pat will be available to advise and we can offer each other support and company while we work.

Valentine's Day

Ms Ranson's advisory ask you to fill out this form if you are interested in buying chocolate for yourself or someone else for Valentine's Day!

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Lunch Clubs

Learning Space in B01

Art Drop in S02

MUN Club in T01

UKMT Grades 8-10 in F03

Off Campus

Thursday: Grades 9 and 11

Friday: Grade 11

Mother Tongue


Thomas Rigney in F01

Linus and Jonah in M01

Period 8

Gabriel and Elliot, French in F01

After School Clubs

Learning Space in the Hub

Art Club in S02

MUN Club in T01

Basketball Club at SLC

Today's Lunch Menu

Main Dish Option One

Roasted vegetable lasagna

Main Dish Option Three

Rolled eggplant with chickpeas, red peppers, feta cheese and black olives (GF)

Granola bowl

Tuscan bean soup

Salad Bar

Mixed salad

Greek salad

Clementine, watercress salad

Sweetcorn salad

Hard boiled eggs


Warm spiced pears and crème fraiche

Seasonal fruits

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