Hitchhiker's Guide to Bunburying

The Importance of Being Earnest


For those of you wondering what Bunburying is, it is, to put it simply, when someone makes up another person to pretend to be. A Bunburyist lives two or more different lives as multiple different people.

Why Bunbury?

Bunburying can greatly impact your life for the better. It can create relationships and get you more financially stable. It can also get you out of many situations you may not want to be in.

Steps to Bunburying

Step 1: Create an Alternate Identity

Step 2: Find an Alternate Dwelling

Step 3: Set Aside Extra Money for Other Lives

Step 4: Make Up a Different Back Story

Step 5: Establish Your Presence in Each Place

Step 6: Make Sure You Don't Blow Your Cover

Problems That Could Occur

Bunburying is not a lifestyle for the forgetful-minded. If you slip up, even once, your hard work could be for nothing. So, some problems you may want to watch out for are:

1: Using the wrong name around the wrong people

2: People from one life meeting people from the other life

3: Get confused with what has happened in each life

4: Using the wrong personality


Even though there are some problems that can occur, there are some ways to fix or prevent them.

1: Go for a test run before you actually decide to live the second life.

2: Give yourself reminders daily of what you will be doing/what life you will be living.

3: Ensure that there is no way that people will meet each other

4: If they do meet, do not let them try to introduce you to the other person.

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