Career and Technical Education

Teaching and Learning Pathway

Available at Martha Layne Collins High School


Ms. Melissa Folley, Martha Layne Collins High School

This pathway focuses on the general theory and practice of learning and teaching, the basic principles of educational psychology, the art of teaching, the planning and administration of educational activities, school safety and health issues, and the social foundations of education.

Areas of Study:

Learning Community

Learner-Centered Classroom

Professional Educator

Clinical Experience in Classrooms

Available Certification(s):

AAFCS Pre-PAC Education Fundamentals

End of Program Assessment: NO

Post Secondary Articulated Credit Agreement: NO

Dual Credit Partners: NO

Career Possibilities:

Minimum Doctoral or Professional degree required:

College Professor: $39,000-$114,000

Minimum Master's degree required:

Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary School: $64,000-$118,000

Educational, Guidance, School, and Vocational Counselors: $33,000-$83,000

Minimum Bachelor's degree required:

Elementary/Middle/High School Teacher: $39,000-$69,000

High School Diploma required:

Teacher Assistant: $19,000-$25,000