Xanex, the drug that begins to use you.

What happens in the brain when xanex is introduced?

When a person takes xanex, the chemical GABA is incresed. This causes a reduction in brain activity, impairs mental awareness, and coordination. As time continues the body becomes dependent on xanex and must keep getting more to feel "normal". This drug is especially dangerous for teenagers because it in inhibits the growth of the frontal lobe, which is in development until the mid 20's.

How it affects you?

Taking xanex can drastically affect your behavior. You can become violent, and make decisions that are uncharacteristic. This drug is very addictive; as people take it their body becomes dependent on it.

Withdrawal effects

If a person on xanex abruptly stops taking it they can develop anxiety and panic attacks, rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, and uncontrollable tremors.