5th Grade News


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Way to go PC Bears! We hit our campus goal of $14,000. Please make sure you have turned in all your money for the laps you completed at the fun run.

Talent Show

Student Council is organizing their annual talent show to be conducted in the afternoon on 5th Grade Day. Flyers were sent home last week. Students performing must complete a permission slip and pay $1 to enter the Talent Show. We will also have a concession stand and will be selling gourmet popcorn, sodas and water. Permission slips, concession stand orders and monies are due by May 1st.

5th Grade Day

  • 5th Grade Day is on May 22nd. We are also selling 5th-grade-day t-shirts. An order form was sent home last week. The cost is $15 and is due by Wednesday, May 9th. Cash only, please.
  • Instead of ordering pizza James Wood will be cooking lunch for us!! No need to send money for pizza!!
  • Students may bring $3 to purchase Kona Ice.

40 Book Challenge

  • Students are challenged to read 40 books this school year from a variety of genres. Each month the students have a challenge. To see last month's book challenge results please visit your child's LA Freshgrade Portfolio, under the 40 Book Challenge Bucket.
  • Thank you to those parents who are helping your child be successful on the challenge each month. Students keep a copy in their Reader's Notebook for easy access, but if you would like a copy sent home please let your reading teacher know. If you have already met your 40 book challenge you are excused from your May Book Challenge. If not, the May Book Challenge is Due by May 17th.

Dress Code

  • Make-up is limited to lip gloss only
  • Tank tops only, no spaghetti straps
  • Shorts under skirts or dresses
  • Length of shorts, skirts or dresses should be fingertip length
  • Pants must be worn at the waist
  • Practice good hygiene daily ☺


1 5th Grade Talent Show Permission Slips and Money Due

2 Film Club (3:00-4:00) - Innovation Station and Comp. Lab

2 GOAL practice 3-4:30

8-10 Book Fair: Buy One Get One

8 Student Council Field Trip to Altitude 1:00-3:00

9 Film Club (3:00-4:00) - Library/Innovation Station

9 G.O.A.L. practice 3-4pm

12 GOAL CUP @ RHS Semifinal: 10-11am Championship: 12-1pm

14 STAAR 5th Math Re-test

14 5th Grade Book Club Movie 3:00-5:00

15 STAAR 5th Reading Re-test

16 Library books due - STUDENTS

16 Film Club (3:00-4:00) - Library/Innovation Station

16 STAAR 5th Science

16 G.O.A.L celebration (last practice)

17 & 18 STAAR make up days

17 Bear Tones to NRH2O for Elementary Music Festival

18 Field Day

21 Splash Day, 5th: 9-10

21 5th Grade Talent Show Rehearsal 3:00-4:30

21 Reading Counts! Awards - Cafeteria

22 Fifth Grade Day & 5th Grade Talent Show in PM

23 Early Release Day

24 Early Release Day

24 Last Day of School: 5th Grade Kickball Game Vs Staff 8:00-9:30, 5th Grade Walk at 10:00


May 14th: Math STAAR Re-Test

May 15th: Reading STAAR Re-Test

May 16th: Science STAAR

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