Republic of Guinea

Culture of Guinea

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In this country using the left arm aloane is considered a rude guster. People normaly eat with the right hand andeat on the floor on a mat. Thier diet consitse of meats and veggies. Most faimlies remain quit through out the meal. People do not drink water through out the meal because it implies that the food is not good enough.


Most faimlies live together in one big house. The people celebrate many different holidays. such as New Years, Easter, Tabaski, and Eid al Fitr. These are only some of the majore holidays. Men normally wait to get married untill they are 25 or older woman are married at 20 or younger. Each man is allwoed to have up to four wives!

The People:

The population is normaly around 9.2 million people! (aprximently) French is the offical languege although most people dont understand it. Almost all of the countrys reliegon is Muslum (85%), christains (8%) and Animism (7%). they normaly wear western style clothing.