Pride and Prejudice - Kyle Miller

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Kyle Miller

English IV 4th

Mrs. Dearman

13 November 2013

Pride and Prejudice Book Review

Pride and Prejudice was a very interesting book. The book moves really slowly and doesn’t really pick up until near the middle, but the relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy wouldn’t have been anywhere near as interesting if there hadn’t been a long setup. While some people may say the book is more interesting to girls, I would say the book is a good read for anyone who can understand it.

People should read this book so that they can be educated on why you shouldn’t judge people before you get to know them, although I would hope they’d have learned that already. The book did an excellent job showing how bad first impressions can lead to people misjudging characters. While there were values and lessons taught in the book, they didn’t distract from the story. The book is supposed to teach the reader about modesty and how to avoid prejudice, but whether the point got across to everyone is debatable.

Pride and Prejudice is a good book for all seniors in high school to read. Since the book uses a heightened level of vocabulary, it would be difficult for any students to read prior to senior year. While most males don’t enjoy this book, (Probably due to a lack of explosions and murder which is so prevalent in every story written these days.) it should still be read by everyone in their senior year.

Kyle Miller

English IV 4th

Mrs. Dearman

13 November 2013

Pride and Prejudice Relationship Analysis

Elizabeth and Darcy

Elizabeth and Darcy’s relationship started when they first met, though at that point Elizabeth disliked Darcy and Darcy had no feelings for Elizabeth. After Darcy had more time to examine her though, he began to like her character, and saw her as another rationally thinking being. This is where the relationship stems from, because if Darcy wouldn’t have taken an interest in Elizabeth, then Elizabeth would never have gotten to know Darcy.

The biggest obstacles were of course Elizabeth’s prejudice against Darcy and Darcy’s sense of pride over Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s prejudice was overcome after Darcy had overcome his pride, as he proposed to her saying that he had gotten past that. Darcy wouldn’t have written a letter to someone he didn’t think was worth his time, which shows him getting past his pride. Other minor obstacles include the families of the two both acting ridiculous.

The relationship ended up with Elizabeth happily married to Mr. Darcy. In twenty years they will likely still be happily married, as any debate the two might have with each other will be dwarfed in comparison to the ones they had before they were together. I don’t think it would be possible for them to be unhappy in any way, since seemingly every real problem they could have with each other was overcome throughout the course of the book.

Kyle Miller

English IV 4th

Mrs. Dearman

13 November 2013

Pride and Prejudice – Alternate Ending

(Note-This starts sometime after Lady Catherine visits Elizabeth and tells her to not marry Mr. Darcy. This strays from the way the book is written, but Elizabeth won’t be the focus here.)

Lady Catherine, infuriated by Elizabeth’s refusal to comply with her and not marry Darcy if asked, heads toward Mr. Darcy in hopes of persuading him to not marry Elizabeth, even if it means lying through her teeth. She soon arrives at Pemberley to speak with Mr. Darcy.

“This is an outrage! How could you even think of proposing to that Elizabeth Bennet?”

“Lady Catherine, please realize that I would not have made movements to marry her without many hours of rigorous contemplation.”

“I don’t care how much you may have thought about this subject Fitzwilliam Darcy! If you cannot honor your promise to marry my daughter then you will be a disgrace to your entire family name! She even confided in me that she would never marry you if you were the last man on the planet!”

“When, with all due respect madam, did you hear her say something of that regard”

“I went down to Longbourne just recently after being informed of your intent to marry. I went down there only thinking of you Darcy, and I hoped to find that she loved you, but sadly when I spoke with her she told me that she would never love you. No matter how you change yourself and no matter how you treat her she would never enjoy your company.”

“There must be some sort of misunderstanding.”

Mr. Darcy begins to move toward his door in hopes of going to see Elizabeth, but is stopped by Lady Catherine who said:

“Darcy do not waste your time going down to meet with her, doing so would only make her dislike you even more. She told me she couldn’t stand to be around you because she knew that you were only acting as you were in hopes of gaining her favor.”

“Is that truthfully how she sees me? As a man who would change the way he acts entirely just to get what he wants? If Elizabeth truthfully wants me to stay away… then I suppose it’s for the best that I do not meet with her.”

“Don’t be disappointed Darcy, she never loved you and never will. You should be happy with my daughter and live your life happily instead of chasing after an unattainable goal.”

“No… I must go see her, there’s no possible way this is her view of me.”

As Darcy began to move towards his door to leave and speak with Elizabeth, Lady Catherine pulled a revolver out of her purse. She pointed it at Mr. Darcy’s back, since he was walking toward the exit, and before pulling the trigger she said:

“You should have just accepted my daughter, then things wouldn’t have to be this way.”

As Darcy turned around to see what Lady Catherine meant, Catherine pulled the trigger. The shot mortally wounded Mr. Darcy, but did not instantly kill him. Catherine dropped the weapon and quickly fled the building, crying as she ran. Darcy was left alone in his home, bleeding a fatal amount.

Darcy crawled to a desk of his and pulled it over, causing papers to fly everywhere. He managed to grab a quill and a blank sheet of paper. He began to write his final goodbyes and his will. He left everything he had to Elizabeth Bennet, knowing that Lady Catherine must have lied about everything. Darcy wrote about how Lady Catherine had tried to trick him and about how much he loved Elizabeth. After he completed his writing, he died. The end.