Devastating Sydney Earthquake(2018)

Animals Running, an Earthquake is Coming!- Bryn Kelly

What Happened?

On October 26th, Sydney literally RIPPED apart! Read ahead to find out about Sydney’s recent earthquake and the sacrifices made for safety!

The Introduction

The Facts

This Earthquake was actually the biggest in Australia’s history, at 9.9 on The Richter Scale and XII on The Mercalli Scale. It struck at 2:58pm on Friday the 26th of October and lasted 5 minutes.

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Fun Fact! :D

70% of animals didn’t return until November!

Interview #1

Bryan- It was my birthday and I was handing out cupcakes. Suddenly the ground shook, there was a horrific noise, we had been learning about earthquakes so I knew what it was. I dropped everything and (for some dumb reason) started to run home. The shaking only got worse, eventually it tripped me over. All I remember after that was: some car came flying and dropped on my leg, breaking it and I was found by my mum 2 hours later.

Interview #2

Grace- I was at home as I was sick. I was bored so I was watching youtube. Suddenly, my cat (called Lizard) ran under my bed. I was like ‘why are you here Lizard?’ until the ground started shaking and I realised… MY FLOOR WAS RIPPING APART! I quickly grabbed Lizard and ran outside to safety.

Interview #3

Jason- I was at The Dentist. The Dentist was looking at my teeth but out of nowhere there was a big shake in the ground. We (Me, my Mum and the The Dentist) quickly hid under a desk to wait for the shaking to be over. After about a minute the shaking fiercely threw me into the middle of the room… JUST AS IT WAS RIPPING APART! I was about to fall in the tear but The Dentist jumped and pushed me away, falling in instead, sacrificing himself…

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That's All Folks!

From a crushed birthday to a heroic dentist, this earthquake has ripped Sydney more than apart...

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