Brownie Points!

bonding over board games and brownies

Do you like food? OF COURSE YOU DO!

Hello beautiful people!
While brainstorming for ideas to supplement our hall community experience, I realized that I really wanted chocolate... and then thought to myself, "I can't be the only one!"
Then all of the pieces feel together! There are three things I find help to bust stress: chocolate, baking, and board games! One alone would be perfect... but why not ALL THREE??
Thus a hall event was born!!
This should give us a chance to enjoy a Friday night learning about each other, while having some lightly competitive fun and eating wonderful, soul warming foods!
After the event, we'll host a discussion about healthy methods of stress management!

Brownie Points!

Friday, Oct. 17th, 8-10:30pm

McDonnell 4SE Common Room

Join your hallmates for an evening of home comforts and friendly competition! We'll start the evening by baking brownies, after which we'll enjoy each other's company while playing some of your favorite games! I will provide a few of my own, but feel free to bring your own if you feel the party wouldn't be complete without a certain game. :)
This is where the competition component comes in: every 'win' you acquire will earn you a token of sorts, and whoever has the largest number of tokens at the end of the night will win the grand prize of a personal plate of cookie-brownies and a surprise gift!! Second and third place winners will receive recognition as well, and everyone who participates will be free to partake of the brownies we bake, in addition to copious snacks and beverages!
I hope to see you all there!
PS. Even though the event is scheduled to go until 10:30, this is a rough estimate, and you are welcome to stay for however long you would like!


Look at this guy! He's a bit confused... I guess he doesn't have enough information.
And neither do I! :)
It's necessary to know how many of you to expect for this event, so that I may purchase enough food, but I DON'T KNOW how many of you will be able to attend.
So, please let me know as soon as you can!!! I am so excited!


The transition to college life can be difficult, especially for first-year-students! Here are some tips for stress management:
  • Identify the source of your stress
  • Start a stress journal
  • Talk it over with a friend or colleague (or your fabulous RA *cough* me *cough*)
  • Take a short brain break

There are so many more ways to manage your stress, and we'll touch on as many as possible in our post-game DISCUSSION!!!!