Wellfield Middle School Newsletter

8 January 2016

Dear Parents and Carers

Happy New Year and welcome back to all our staff and pupils. It has been a very soggy start to the new year and the pupils have had to stay indoors for many of their breaks this week. Many of the staff have commended the pupils on their behaviour in and around school at breaks and lunches. Hopefully we will have a break from the rain next week and the children can get outside and enjoy playing with their friends. We have started to put together some rainy day boxes for each class with a selection of games including playing cards and dominoes so that the children can play indoors. If you have any board games that you would like to donate they would be very useful to us.

Christmas Presents

A reminder about our Mobile Phone Policy

We know that some of our pupils have been lucky enough to get new mobile phones and other electronic equipment for Christmas and we have reminded all of the pupils that mobile phones need to be switched off on entering the site and put straight into their locker. They should not be switched on again until they are outside of school. Any pupil who is found to be carrying their mobile phone around school will be asked to hand it in to the office and a parent will be asked to collect it, the pupil will be given an after school detention, according to our school policy. Further to this a number of parents contacted me about smart watches, they are not permitted in school.


The pupils have come back into to school looking very smart but I would like to remind parents about school trousers. An increasing number of girls are wearing black jeans or leggings. These are not part of school uniform and they should be wearing tailored type school trousers. I am aware that some shops are trying to sell black jeans and leggings or jeggings within their school uniform section which is not helpful. We would appreciate it if you could ensure that your child is wearing the correct uniform. Many of the pupils are also coming to school without a coat, should we be lucky enough to have a dusting of snow, only children with a coat will be allowed to play outside.

Upcoming Events and Dates for your diary.

The next few weeks are going to be busy with lots of visits and visitors already booked into the calendar:

11th January Year 5 have Think Physics in for a Space related assembly followed by a Meteorites workshop

13th, 14th and 15th January Year 7 ICT robotics workshop (in school)

15th January Year 6 Magistrates are visiting school

18th January Year 5 trip to Bede's World

20th January Year 8 Knife: Be safe workshop

26th January Year 6 Magistrates are visiting school

27th January 6SB go to Nissan for a full day Tech project

1st February Year 6 Safety works: Crucial Crew workshop

1st February Year 7 Drugs workshops in school

5th February Year 5 Robotics day 2 of the project in school

9th February 6KW go to Nissan for a full day Tech project

22nd February Key Stage 2 Theatre company in school presenting 'The Sword and the Stone'

25th February 6SE go to Nissan for a full day Tech project

29th February 6 pupils from Year 8 UK Maths Challenge in Heddon

1st March Year 6 internet safety workshop in school

10th March Year 5 30 pupils to attend a Pizza Express workshop

14th-18th March KS2 Bikeability

14th and 15th March British Science Week Themed Learning

Great work in Textiles

There has been some excellent textiles work produced last term. This term the whole school will be cooking so look out for updates and recipes

Year 5 Robotics

Some lucky Year 5 students were able to work with a programmer from Newcastle University. Using coding they were able to direct robots to move/turn/spin and flash colours. It was a jam packed, fun filled afternoon. Matthew Wood (5HM) said "it was so much fun to code a robot".

Christmas Party and Assembly Celebrations

The last day of term was fun filled and a lovely way to round off and celebrate the Autumn Term.

Each Key Stage had their own party, with a disco, games and tuck shop in the morning and a whole school assembly in the afternoon.

Our final celebration assembly was very special; staff awarded gold stars to two pupils in their class that had 'shone' for all different reasons.

There were lots of musical performances from our own talented musicians including a whole school rendition of 'Holy Night'.

Music Lessons

Music lessons will start up again next week. We currently offer lessons in steel pans, guitar, keyboard and trumpet. If your child would like to start lessons please see Miss Whittle for a letter.

Dick Whittington

On Thursday, 17th December, we held our annual school Pantomime. This year the show was Dick Whittington. Over 100 pupils were involved in the pantomime, either acting, dancing, or helping back stage. Well done to all the pupils for their hard work.

There are photographs of the show available here

Themed Learning: Christmas Enterprise

Children not involved in our Christmas Pantomime, took part in an enterprise venture this year. They were put into vertical 'family' groups and spent a day and half on three or more different craft activities around school. Crafts included: salt dough ornaments, individual Christmas cakes, rag wreaths, cork reindeer and many more.

Staff commented on how positive and enthusiastic children were at trying out new activities and skills, as well as supporting one another. There was a lovely, festive atmosphere around school which really got everyone in the mood for Christmas.

Charlotte in Year 5 said, "My group made Rudolf picture frames and painted salt dough ornaments; it was really fun. I wish it could have lasted longer. We all had a great time".

A craft stall was held on the night of the pantomime and funds raised covered the cost of the materials for the themed craft days and a little profit was made also. Hopefully, we can make this bigger and better next year.

Tim Peake

Year 5 are lucky to be involved in the Tim Peake Primary Project, which has attracted some funding for our school and kicks off the new Science unit of work 'Life in Space'.

A themed learning morning to celebrate and share Tim Peake's launch into space was planned for the whole school. We thought it was such an historic event to see a British astronaut head to the International Space Station, that we couldn't miss it.

Every class spent the morning learning about Tim Peake and the Principa Mission. Some, then imagined what life as an astronaut would be like and what items and songs they would take to space. Other classes built rockets, designed spacesuits and wrote space themed songs.

Watching the actual launch was both worrying and awe-inspiring. Would it all go to plan? Would they take off and arrive safely? Thankfully, they did and everyone enjoyed it.

We even received a tweet from the show's presenter, Dara Ó Briain which we were thrilled about.

Next Monday, as part of the project, we have Northumbria University's ThinkPhysics team coming in to school to deliver an assembly to Year 5 about Space. Then some will take part in a workshop about meteorites, so look out for news about that.

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Goal Ball

In light of the fact that our pupils have been indoors for all of their PE lessons this week, it was great to see the Year 5s having a go at Goal Ball. Each team is blindfolded and has to remain seated listening carefully for the ball which contains a bell and roll or throw it to the opposing goal. The pupils really enjoyed it.

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