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Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Brazil

Brazil... Where Enchantment Begins

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The City of Salvador

Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia, with an attractive colonial town, a vibrant musical scene and loads of extraordianary beaches. There are also beaches surrounded by reefs, forming natural pools of stone, ideal for children as well!

The Amazon

At approximately 6,400 km, the Amazon RIver is the world's second longest river. The Amazon has over 3,000 recognized species of fish, and new species are still being discovered. As well, the Amazon River is surrounded by the Amazon Rainforest, which has over 10 million living species! The Amazon is a definite sight to see!


Manuas is an exotic city situated in the heart of a tropical forest, near the Rio Negro and 11 kilometers away from tht mouth of the Amazon. Most visiters expect a small village, but are shocked to see a modern city! Be sure give a thought to Manuas, after visiting the Amazon!