Are they real?

What are poltergeists?

The word "poltergeist" takes place for two german words. Meaning "To create a disturbance and spirit." (Radford, 2013)


Poltergeists are known to haunt a specific person rather than a place. In a normal poltergeist break out they are said to knock things over, tapping sounds, noises with no visable cause, disturbances of staitionary objects like household items and furniture, door slamming, lights flickering and random fires. ("Poltergeists!", 2001)

poltergeist evidence


In the early 1840's a young man arrived at Mr. and Mrs. Bell's house. He was invited to stay a few nights, by the maid. The maid was fired soon after, but rehired. When she came back she had seen that the young man was gone and much of his things were being used in the kitchen and it wasn't until she found out the young man was murdered during her absense. She then started to think that the house was haunted by poltergeists. ("Poltergeists!", 2001)


People have described poltegeists as troublesome spirits who haunt a particular person instead of a speicific place. ("Poltergeists!", 2001) People have also believed that the activity is caused by a person, this person is usually an adolesnt girl, and is normally troubled emotionally. They also think that in some cases of poltergeists have turned out to be both "intelligent" spirits and the work of agents. ("Poltergeists", 2016)

Are poltergeists real?

No, poltergeists aren't real. Many of the stories and pictures are set up and hoaxed.