ICT Bulletin #10

Monday 11th November 2013

This week...


Most classes are using the HUB this week during their ICT slot.

Wednesday 13th November

All the LTMs will be based at JSD this week and we'll be working with both Year 1 classes. We've had a good start to our Wednesday Workshops and we're looking forward to visiting some of the other year groups, in all of the junior schools.

iPad trolley stays in workroom and iPad bookings

Please can I ask that you leave the iPad trolley in the workroom. Send some children to collect iPads for your activity or collect them yourself. The wheels on the iPad trolley aren't great and are too small for getting over the door frames. The constant bumps and knocks moving the trolley to the lift and upstairs is causing some damage. Can I also remind you to check (and use) the iPad booking document on the PDrive.

Next week

I will be visiting the International School of Amsterdam next Thursday (21st). Year 4 and D6NS can continue their ICT as planned, D1LW's lesson has been moved to Friday 13:30-15:00.

Have a great week!


Parent Consultations

Although I don't have specific slots to meet parents on Monday and Tuesday I will be based in and around the ICT HUB should any parents have specific questions about the ICT curriculum or the iPads. I have the same availability as the specialists and my time slots will be on the ICT HUB door.
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