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September 25, 2015

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

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News You Can Use!

The class is preparing for a Mystery Skype on Monday. I have made a connection with another fourth grade teacher somewhere in the world, and the students will be trying to uncover where that school is located. While we are doing that the other class is going to try to find out where we are located. It would be great if the kids did not have on a shirt that would give away that we are near Chicago. I will not be wearing my Chicago Bears shirt that day. ;)

Field trip permission slips are due by October 2.

Picture day will be on September 30.

Book orders are due tomorrow. Any rewards earned will be used to grow the non-fiction section of the classroom library. It is very heavy in fiction books.

Reading Club Order Due Date: September 26
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You can shop and submit your order online or send the printed order form with payment directly to me. No matter how you order, every purchase you make earns FREE Books and educational supplies for our classroom.

The arrival of the book box is always a highlight-thanks for making it happen!

Happy reading,

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PAWS Pride

Our PAWS Pride lesson this week focused on the Conley matrix. This is a tool that displays expectations of being safe, respectful, and responsible in different locations around the school. Each class reviewed the matrix to remind students to use their PAW behavior everywhere when in school.


Next week we will be reading The Horned Toad Prince. This on of my favorites in Reading Street. The comprehension strategies being worked on will be author's purpose and story structure.

This week the students worked on a multiple meaning word project using Google Draw. They posted it in Haiku on a WikiProject. Take a peek. The one thing we noticed while reviewing today is that the students are going to need to read all directions carefully.

When the students make challenge in spelling they are finding some of their very own spelling words. The words they add are fourth grade words that follow the spelling pattern for the week. On the fourth grade home page on Haiku there are links to use to find some words.


My math class is working on estimation and computation in Unit 2. Many of them are doing well in learning their multiplication facts. They should all keep practicing.

Mrs. Hassels's math class is working on the different landmarks in math. They even got to use raisins for an activity.


The class is doing a great job researching different habitats and the organisms that live there. The conversations taking place are awesome! I dropped in on several of them today and the students were discussing if the adaptations were structural or behavioral. The conversation was rich and meaningful.