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From 1815-1871, a series of political as well as military events led to the unification of Italy as one kingdom. Prior to unification, Italy was, as expected, divided into several different states. Giuseppe Mazzini fronted the fight to unite Italy under a democracy, while Camilo di Cavour ended up uniting Italy under the crown of Sardina. Eventually, following Austria's defeat to Prussia in 1870, all of Italy was united under one crown.

Important Leaders

  1. Giuseppe Mazzini, the leader of the movement to create a democracy for Italy.
  2. Camillo di Cavour, prime minister of the Kingdom of Sardinia who fought to unite Italy under a crown.

Military Conflict

  • Battle of Mentana
  • Capture of Rome
  • Expedition of the Thousand
  • First Italian War of Independence
  • Second Italian War of Independence
  • Third Italian War of Independence
Giuseppe Mazzini

Profile of Giuseppe Mazzini

Three Question Quiz

  1. Who was Giuseppe Mazinni?
  2. Who was Camilo di Cavour?
  3. Did Italy end up as a kingdom or did it have a democracy?