Principally Speaking

Leave Your Paw Print


This past weekend I watched my son's soccer game, and what I saw angered me, frustrated me, but I think more than anything, it saddened me. The team we played was fairly rough (this will happen), and over the course of the game the referee called many fouls on them. As the second half wound down, one of the boys on the other team began to talk back to the referee, at which point the referee gave him a warning. The boy responded by waving the referee off! A twelve year-old boy waving off a referee. Are you kidding me?

A few minutes later, this same boy was called for another foul, at which point his carping resulted in a yellow card (two yellow cards = an ejection from the game). Again, this boy waved off the referee. After the boy received the yellow card and again gestured to the referee, his coach said to him, "Don't worry about it." Don't worry about it? Are you kidding me?

Later in the game, as time expired, the other team was called for another foul in the penalty box, resulting in a penalty kick for our team. Before our player took the penalty shot, the other coach replaced their goalie with another player, presumably one who was the best athlete on his team. After all, this boy had scored three goals in the game. Replacing the goalie for a penalty shot in a meaningless spring soccer game. Are you kidding me?

I wish I could say I am kidding you; I wish I could say it didn't really happen; and I wish I could say it didn't bother me so much, but I cannot.

The older I get, the more I realize it is not the events in the lives' of our kids that shape who they become. Rather, it is the way WE, the adults in their lives, react to and handle these events that determine who they will become. Like this boy on the soccer field, all of our kids will at some point in their life make a poor decision. That is to be expected! What should not be expected is for WE, the adults in their lives, to stand idly by, or worse yet, endorse such behavior (the equivalent of saying "Don't worry about it.")

Twenty years (actually twenty minutes) from now, it will not matter who won any of the hundreds of games in which our kids participated. What will matter, though, is how WE, the adults in their lives, react to the events that unfolded in the midst of the game.

"Are you kidding me," you ask? I think WE know the answer!

Snack Time

We have noticed lately that some children like to buy snacks at lunch, and not just one snack, but two, three, and four snacks at a time. I would encourage you to speak with your child about his/her purchases at lunch. Did you know that if you have an account with the cafeteria, you can access your child's account to see exactly what he/she is buying on a daily basis? Check it out at...

Be A Superhero

Just a reminder that this weekend is our Superhero Spring Fair. The weather looks like it will be great, and we have many great events planned. You can come have your picture taken as a Superhero, similar to the pictures below. We look forward to seeing you there.!

Important Dates

May 5th: Teacher Appreciation Day & Cold Spring Family Night at Trenton Thunder Game
May 6th: Grades 3-6 (Science Fair) 7:00PM - 8:00PM in the Gym

May 8th: Superhero Day at Cold Spring (Wear superhero costumes or t-shirts) & Spring BOGO Book Fair (after school)

May 9th: Spring Fair (11:00AM - 3:00PM)
May 13th - Assembly (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Only)
May 17th: iRun4Life 3K

May 18th: Spring Concert @ 7:00PM (Tohickon)
May 25th: School Closed (Memorial Day)
May 27th: Town Hall Meeting (Wear Cold Spring Colors/Cold Spring T-shirts)