Civil Rights



Jim Crow laws were once separating the United States. Jim Crow Laws were also segregating white and blacks lives to the point were they were almost having separate lives.These laws segregated schools, theaters, buses, trains, and other public areas.

Limited oppurtunities from segregation

Civil rights was very limited for African Americans because of segregation. African Americans were not treated equal even after they were let free from slavery they were still separated from equality thanks to the Jim Crows Laws.

Womans Rights

Did you know that once woman were not treated equal and they are still not completely. They use to not be able to vote, when they got married they would have to give all of their property or anything they owned to the guy, and they couldn't even have jobs all they got to do was take care of the children and do chores around the house.

The 19th. Amendment

The 19th. amendment was when the congress were thinking about giving almost all of the same rights as men would get. Its very weird that woman were aloud to sacrifice their lives but not be able to vote who basically control the whole entire United States of America
By: Calen Bishop and Avory Mehaloivich