On the TRAIL - for Mustang Families

February 1-5

February begins African-American/Black History Month

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”—- Maya Angelou

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” — Malcolm X


Staying Focused

It is February already!

With a couple of short weeks this month, February is bound to go by quickly.

In addition, in the background there is a focus on being ready for reopening if it becomes possible.

We recognize that brings many different emotions for all but we remain dedicated to do our BEST for our Mustangs! Our students deserve it!

So how are the students doing?

We know our staff is doing amazing things for our kids and they are working to do everything they can for our students. To keep you in the loop as to how our student outcomes are going, here is some term 2 information. At the end of term 2, there are more A's as compared to last year on one hand and on the other it also shows about double the F's. So, we are seeing both extremes. There are many factors of course and distance learning hasn't been easy for anyone. To be clear, we are not placing blame but rather trying to figure out what we can do because all of our staff cares so much for our students and for their futures.

Staff continues to analyze what we can do and are committed to working to improve but we can use your help.

How can families and students help?

While we are committed to staying focused on finding ways to motivate our students and help them be successful, the value of our partnership is so important.

It is always important to remember the power of D's and F's, which mean possibilities of not graduating and/or not meeting college standards. That has a forever impact on their lives.

We know of course that not everything is in our control, but there are a few things that can happen at home to help us to help our students:

Here are just a few strategies that can help our students:

  • use our 2-3:20 time for distance learning support to meet with teachers for tutoring and extra help (ask your teacher to meet with you or what they offer to help at that time)

  • attend ASSETs tutoring and Saturday sessions (reach out to administration or Mr. Marco Farias for more information)

  • reach out to the teacher as you find you are struggling with a concept

  • work on daily habits that help you be prepared to do your best

  1. set an alarm and have a good morning routine (eat breakfast, get dressed and be awake to start class)
  2. make an appropriate space away from distractions (table and chair if possible and not in bed)
  3. log on and be present from start to finish (put away distractions like phones and music and interact in class) and if at all possible turn on the camera - it helps you stay engaged!
  4. complete assignments (set up a time frame for a break after class but also with a schedule to finish assignments)
  5. don't allow yourself to have zeros (they are very hard to come back from)
  6. communicate with your teacher (the more they know about you and what you are struggling with the more they can help)

This is a team effort school-wide - it takes a village as they say.

Administration, teachers, counselors and all of our professional staff will continue trying to reach out to those we know are not engaged and/or are struggling as well as doing our best to differentiate for those excelling and ready for more challenges.

We continue to work with families for resources, supports and addressing tech issues and attendance issues among other interventions (social emotional groups, resiliency group and more).

Let us know how we can help and let's stay focused and working together for the success of our Mustangs!

We are in this together and together we are stronger.

We can do it together as a team! After all, this is the best community around!

Thank you for all you do and for your amazing partnership!

Wellness Reminders

We want everyone to be well so here are some reminders of resources available in the picture at the bottom of the newsletter.

And you can visit our Virtual Community Wellness Center. Students are welcome to schedule meetings with their school counselor by accessing the Counseling Website HERE.

Reach out if you need anything.

EGUSD Community Update Jan. 29, 2021

See the update here to learn more about reopening information and updates

Thank you MTHS Counselors

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Click here for the MTHS Student HUB

This is your one stop shop for SO MANY great resources. The Academy and Pathway sign ups are here as well as additional course selection resources too.

Stop the Slurs Campaign - Join us

We invite all staff, students and families to join us in this mission!

PURPOSE: The Student Equity Council at Monterey Trail High School was established in the fall of 2019. Our purpose is to develop an understanding of equity and social justice issues and to develop advocacy and leadership skills to take solution-oriented action on equity issues in our school community. Learn more about the council and opportunities to join by clicking HERE.

MEMBERS: The members of our council are a diverse and strong representation of the student body on our campus representing different genders, ethnicities, races, religions, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, etc.

2020-2021 GOAL: Each year we establish our goal to identify one or more equity issues on our campus that we can apply our efforts to help address. Our goal for this academic school year is to the address the widespread use of hurtful and harmful slurs in our school community. Our hope is that by bringing light to the issue and educating our students on the harm caused by the continued use of these slurs, that our school community will rise to the challenge of eliminating the use of these slurs and others moving forward.

We invite all staff, students and families to join us in this mission!

Click here to visit our campaign site:

#stoptheslurs campaign

Current 9th, 10th and 11th graders pick classes on Monday 2/1/21

On Monday, 2/1/21, students will be receive guidance in Advocacy class on the process for inputting course selection choices into StudentVue. We encourage students to have conversations with their parent/guardian regarding their high school and post high school goals as they are deciding on the best course choices for the upcoming educational year. Please reach out to your School Counselor and attend an after school Course Selection Workshop if you have additional questions.

Due date for inputting your course selection choices: 2/8/21.

These helpful resources and directions for 2021-2022 Course Selection are in each student’s grade level Google Classroom for reference:

MTHS Counseling and Student Services Team

MTHS College and Career News

College and Career February Newsletter

Click here to stay on track to determining your college/career options.

Senior Information - Class of 2021!

Cosumnes River College Application Info

Click on this one to find out about workshop presentations, application and orientation info and more.

Graduation updates - Senior STUDENT emails needed

As a mom of a senior, we know this has been so hard for all of our students and especially for our wonderful class of 2021. That said, stay focused! Your future depends on it and we are here for you to give you our all to do whatever we can while maintaining safety and health standards. Know that we care and we are working behind the scenes for you.

Check out Mr. Craig Grivel's email for more specifics but here is a brief update from the email sent this past week:


  • currently planning for three distinct graduation options - we do not have a clear picture of what will and won’t be allowed at the end of the year
  1. We are moving forward to produce a fully virtual ceremony.
  2. A ceremony at Golden 1 is still in the planning stages, if that were to be allowed.
  3. We are also making plans for a possible ceremony outside, that would allow students to physically distance and walk across the stage.
We will follow what the Sacramento County Health Department will allow us to do, but we want to be prepared to provide our seniors with the best possible graduation we can.

Cap and gown info

Students will need a cap and gown to participate in any of the above scenarios.

  • prices for the cap, gown, and tassel package go up after January
  • The direct link to the basic package is:


  • You may also order a loaner at the same link (Click on Borrow Cap and Gown). Loaners, including the tassel, will need to be returned before you pick up your diploma.
  • All cap and gowns are scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday, March 3 between 2:00 and 4:00pm (most likely be a drive through distribution - More information will be coming)
  • If you have specific questions regarding your cap and gown, please contact our Jostens vendor, Pat Cummings, at pat.cummings@jostens.com

Senior STUDENT emails needed

An important step in preparing for the virtual ceremony is the collection of each student’s personal email address. This will be needed for students to register, and communicate, with the company that will collect photos and other necessary information, such as name pronunciation, for the ceremony.

  • Parents must log in to ParentVUE,, select “Student Info” and click the button labeled “Edit Information.” In the field for “Student’s Email,” enter the student email address. Remember to click “Save Changes” after entering the email address. The email needs to be an accurate, working address that the student checks frequently. If you have more than one senior, each student must have a unique email address. The file below is an example of what the screen should look like to enter the address.

We love our MUSTANGS and we want to see you all graduate! You have worked so hard so let's finish strong and get that diploma! Reach out to counselors, teachers or admin if you need help and let's do this!

This week on the Trail

Click 4 ASSETs schedule including Tutoring & more

NEW: ASSETs book club is starting this term and to contact Stacy Antonopoulos for how to join. Mustang Mudders is also starting, for those interested in ceramics but couldn’t take the class. Contact Melinda Doss for Zoom link.

Monday, Feb. 1

Advocacy class --- 9th, 10th, 11th course selection

Metro League sports season 1 begins (see athletics website for more information)

Tuesday, Feb. 2

Meal Service day

Wednesday, Feb. 3

Thursday, Feb. 4

Friday, Feb. 5

Open Enrollment application deadline

Last day for assignments to be entered into progress report grade

Meal service day

Friday Fun Day - lunch activities - see emails

Holidays in February - NO SCHOOL - Feb. 8 and Feb. 15


  • Feb. 8 and 15th holidays - no school
  • Progress Report - grading ends 2/5/21, available on Synergy 2/16/21
  • Term 3 ends March 12, 2021

Open Enrollment - MTHS limited to 50 and all transfers are closed due to student capacity

Open Enrollment requests can be made via ParentVUE starting Wednesday, January 27, 2021 through 5:00 pm Friday, February 5, 2021.

For additional questions regarding Open Enrollment for middle and high schools, please email the Secondary Education Office at 7-12Ed@egusd.net

Please note: academy and pathway acceptance cannot happen unless the student is enrolled as a student at MT for the fall

Visit EGUSD Open Enrollment Page

Open Enrollment will be handled online through EGUSD so click here to find out any other details

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Athletics update

Exciting news - each league is now setting their own seasons based on health and safety guidelines and after meeting all safety protocols that must be in place to start...

See the athletic website for MTHS for all information

For Metro League - Approved to start Season 1 Sports

Cross Country - Coach Heck - jheck@egusd.net

Girls Tennis - Coach Naidu - devesh.naidu@yahoo.com

Girls Golf - Coach Fritz - jfritz@egusd.net

Football (Conditioning Only) - Coach Ewing - tewing@egusd.net

Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, all dates are subject to change.