Technology at LV

By: Katie Leach

Typing Web

  • Every morning for 5 minutes we would work on Typing Web.
  • We would learn how to type faster and not make as many mistakes.
  • Each quarter we got a different expectation to complete to get a 3 or a 4.
  • Typing Web was a website on our computers that helped us learn how to type.

Career Locker

  • In Career Locker we got to look at different jobs that we would like to do.
  • Also we got to look at different colleges we would like to go to when we get older.
  • We got to look at what we would need to work on in the future to help us achieve this goal.
  • For Career Locker our teacher had our guidance counselor Mrs. VandenBoogaard teach this unit.

Haiku Deck

  • In Haiku Deck we got to use information from Career Locker to make a slide show about our dream job.
  • We got to use this app on our iPads which lets us use a little more technology in this class.
  • After we finished our slide show we had to stand up in front of the class talk about our dream job.


  • We used iMovie to make our iTrailer on our iPads.
  • I think that it was an awesome idea being able to do them on our iPads because we got to learn how to learn the apps better if we would like to use them for a different class.
  • For this project we got to chose something we wanted the trailer to be based off of. An example is that someone could do an trailer about their family, how they celebrate Christmas, or they could do one about there a family vacation they went on recently.

Explain Everything

  • We got to use Explain Everything on our iPads.
  • For Explain Everything we had to pick a math problem that the teacher put on Schoology. We had to demonstrate how to solve the problem by explaining and drawing on our screen, that drawing would show up on the screen so who ever was watching it they would get a better understanding on how the problem works and how to do the problem.
  • I had never used Explain Everything for a school project. So I got get the hang of the app pretty easily


  • Coding was a website on our computers.
  • On this website we watched videos on how to us different blocks to make what was on a screen work.
  • It also was a challenge, but it was very fun.
  • This help people communicate with our peers and ask them if they would help us.