Water pollution

By-Megan Smoldt

Ways to Prevent it

One way you can prevent water pollution is by using less fertilizers and chemicals, because these chemicals flow into sewers, rivers, lakes, etc. causing the city to pay more money to get all of the chemicals out so it can be purified drinking water. Another way you can prevent it is, by not littering because sometimes this litter blows into water and it if floating and animals tend to get harmed from this. Preventing water pollution is an easy thing to do, you can do very simple things to stop it such as the ones above.
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How it Affects us

Pollution affects us humans because if we are swimming in water with a bunch of different chemicals and fertilizers from runoff in a lake, we can get sicknesses. Bacteria forms from different chemicals mixing together and when people swallow too much of the water when they are swimming in a lake they can get ones of these sicknesses. Some sicknesses caused by these pathogens in water are Typhoid, Hepatitis, Polio, etc. Also you can get infections from the unsanitary water.

Issues with pollution

Around the world there are many issues with water pollution, people litter in the water and it causes animals to be harmed, when they swallow trash or something they can die. Also, when chemicals or oils are spilled in the water humans and animals can get sick such as the gulf of mexico oil spill. Many animals got stuck in oil and died. Pollution causes harm everywhere even in ways you dont know

Little things that can help

You can help by disposing your chemicals and fertilizers in a safe area that you know wont flow into water. Also by recycling you bottles instead of just littering because when you liter it can blow into a sewer which then that sewer water flows into a lake. The more fertilizers you use for your yard the harder it is to get the water clean and purified for drinking.


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