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Summer is here TUESDAY 10pm EST!!

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Win Big This Tuesday!
Want to take home the bright new pieces of The Amalfi Coast for FREE, all while learning the full story behind this gorgeous new collection? Register now for our highly anticipated Summer 2016 launch webinar next Tuesday at 9pm EST, when we'll cover expert design and product knowledge, and you'll have the chance to WIN BIG (the full The Amalfi Coast collection!) just by attending the call. As you await the big reveal, set yourself up for selling success using our five new sneak peek assets – simply follow our expert marketing guide to drum up excitement and build your Constant Calendar!


launch TO DO

HAPPY MONDAY!!!! To-Do list for today and tomorrow's LAUNCH!!!!
*Get on the call Tuesday at 9pm
*Prep your network for the launch
*At 10pm wait for the new items to show in your website
*ADD the new pieces to your 4 categories accordingly in your boutique (I would suggest making one category NEW and only add those to that collection)
*ORDER your own pieces at 50% off from the new line right away so you have them to wear and show asap
*Post Post Post!!!!!!!
*Keep an eye out during the call for some special announcements!!!!!!
Some more IDEAS once the line hits~
1. BLAST your network with the new line!!
2. Follow up personally with any leads or potential customers/hosts
3. Think about approaching businesses with our new line!! ex….hook up with your local hair salon and see if they have any events coming up that you could be featured in and pop up. Many hair salons focus on Summer events, which is NOW, so how amazing would it be to be able to do an event OR even have a mini display with the catalogs, your cards and maybe some props in the salon for Spring??? OR how about a jewelry raffle at the salon????
4. Daily 5 is HUGE right now!!!! Do it every day!!!
5. Bloggers……reach out to them, do your homework, google and contact them!!!!
6. Book a launch POP UP
Launch Day checklist!!!! TO-DO List!!! TIPS FROM THE TOP~~~~>>>>
1. Social Media: I post a "sneak peek" of the collection on my personal and Chloe + Isabel Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages in the afternoon to create a buzz (there is a sneak peek in the content center). Right after the launch I post my Top 3 picks and why with a lot of pictures. I go a little crazy with the social media because it is one of my biggest selling tools
2. Social Media Countdown: You can also do a countdown via IG and FB. Post every hour with a blurred out version of the sneak peek and let them know something BIG is coming in your business. An hour before the national sales meeting, reveal that is is a launch happening in less than an hour. Find a hook and reel them in.
3. Once the Collection is Live: I text as many people as I can to announce the new collection. Quick and simple: "Hey girl! The new Holiday Collection is finally here! Let me know what your favorites are (with a link to my boutique)"
4. Using Friends and Big Supporters: On big launch days I always ask my mom, sister, and best friends to share all my social media posts to their networks. This way I can reach more people in a quicker time. I have fabulous friends and family so they are always happy to help. So reach out to your biggest fans for their help. Send them your sneak peek and let them know this is EXCLUSIVE to them, they will appreciate this and feel special.


‪#‎smartshopping‬ Summer 2016 This is LONG!!!!!

I want you to shop smart for this line. How can we make educated decisions about what to buy from the new line, especially if you are on a budget. I am going to give you a few options to spend $100 to $150 OUT OF POCKET, not including any credits you may have.

Reminder…..when you purchase with your credit card you will get 50% off the items. IF you use credits they are valued at FULL PRICE.

So when we look at 100-150 in items that is really 200-300 in full price items. The pairings below are examples of how and what you can get for around 100-150 after the 50% off and they are MY preferences and may not be your style or customer preference so please feel free to mix it up! It is most likely what I will buy for my table tues night!

*Limoncello is a very distinct line…..The yellow and blues are gorgeous together however, may not pair with many of your every day outfits due to colors so keep that in mind if shopping for what your network may like.

Convertible Earrings 48/24
Wrap bracelet 45/23

*Modern Mosaic is a very clean and simple line with an edge. I foresee being able to just “throw” on with easy casual summer outfits. If you do not have many of our previous silver and blue lines, I would suggest grabbing a few of the items on page 12.

Long pendant 68/34 OR the Y necklace 42/21
Long station 68/34
Drops 32/16
Ring or bracelet R 42/21 B 48/24

*Bianca is a simple but show stopping line….It is also very affordable especially at 50% off.

Open collar 42/21
cons climber earrings 34/17
open cuff 42/21
drop earrings 38/19

*Capri IMO is very distinct as well (my fav line actually)……however I suggest,

Convertible statement 98/49 OR
3 row necklace 65/32
cons post drop earrings 38/19

*Capri convertible necklace pairs nicely with prior lines Geovista and Lunette as well as the full Capri Line. The necklace is an easy throw on piece. 62/31 pg 25

*Positano is one of my FAV lines, goes with A LOT and is an every day summer line. Page 26 pairs with Geovista and Lunette as well.

Layered necklace 68/34 pg 26
anklet 25/12.5 pg 26
convertible studs 34/19 pg 30
convertible necklace 52/26 pg 35
delicate bracelet 32/16 pg 35

*Aquamarina is very classy and unique

3 row at 58/29 OR collar at same price pg 37 and 39
bracelet pg 39 34/17
drop earrings 28/14 pg 36

So now to tally them up and pick a few from each line. So if you stay within $25-35 for each item (at 50%) you can technically chose 5 or six items all around that price. OR play with higher and lower numbers

IF you want a statement necklace….BUT you are on a budget…..I would NOT get the aquamarine or limoncello statements because they are the most expensive at 148 and 138 each. OR 80 and 70 1/2 off. I would suggest doing ONE of the $98 price point statements, so Capri or Positano for 98/49 if you can swing it financially.

You want ONE show stopper for your table, so def ONE of the above mentioned necklaces or the collars for even less.


I suggest ONE new wrap bracelet forsure. 48/24 Limoncello
Limoncello convert earrings 48/24
The positano 4 way conv studs forsure 34/17
Positano convertible necklace 52/26
Positano layered convertible 68/34 OR capri convertible crescent 62/31
Bianca open collar 42/21
Bianca open cuff 42/21
ONE of the 3 long modern mosaic necklaces at 68/34 or 42/21
Bianca convertible climber earrings 34/17

MY budget must haves listed above comes to $202 after 50% off. IF you can only spend $100 to 150 out of pocket then cut or play with a few of the items above!!

USE credits to buy full price and play with your options!!!

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Homework Time

YOU HAVE HOMEWORK.......Please sit down and do me and yourself this big favor. Think of 5 ladies who would LOVE our new jewels and would make a killer hostess. 5. Even if it is a past hostess. Make the list and call them one on one this week, Friday at the latest and get them on the calendar for May, June or July. All 5 ladies. Make them an offer they cannot refuse. Half of the battle is just asking. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! I want to see at least 30 more pop ups booked by Wednesday next week. 30 more added to the dashboard for just May. It is time ti pick up the phone ladies. Your business will not work if you don't. I cannot wait to hear how it goes. XO‪#‎intentionalpop‬