History of Spindle Top .

By; Alyssa Aguilar , Trevor Larimore , Isaac Garcia .

overview .

How did the discovery of oil at Spindle Top affect the Gladys City/ Beaumont area ?

The discovery of oil at Spindle Top in Beaumont area in 1901 was said it would change the oil industry forever, and it had a huge impact on the world. On January, 10 1901 Beaumont had an oil boom, oil blowing out in the air 50m, over 10,000 barrels of oil just in one day, it took 9 days to get the oil under control. The spindletop represented a turning point for Texas and the United States. All of this happening caused the state to be known as the Oil Boom. The United States soon became the world's leading oil producer. Beaumonts population of 10,000 soon tripled in just a couple of months and got up to 50,000. This led regular land prices to double in amount, and over 500 companies come to Texas.

When and where did Texas experience oil booms?

Mostly down in West Texas because that's where most of the oil was .

Where were other major oil discoveries made in Texas ?

The Gusher was one of the other major oil discoveries .

What kinds of products are made from petroleum?




Motor Oil

Bearing Grease


Floor Wax

Ballpoint Pens

Football Cleats





Bicycle Tires

Sports Car Bodies

Nail Polish

Fishing lures

Line Graph

1900 1910 1920 1930 1940

Amarillo- 2,783 15,736 20,835 53,151 61,450

Houston- 122,785 176,598 256,023 439,226 627,311

Wichita- 8,314 22,619 78,105 84,100 81,203

Beaumont- 25,193 60,657 104,482 12,426 178,586


1901- first found out about oil

1910- more people started coming to Texas

1920- 10 times the amount of people started coming to Texas

1930- 15 times the amount started coming to Texas

1940- 30 times the amount of people came to Texas


2000- Over 500 companies came to Texas

2010- oil started drying up

2012- people's buisnesses started closing

2013- people still have buisnesses but lots of them shut down.


These are wells along Boiler Avenue through SpindleTop in April 1903.


The Gusher after Gusher at SpindleTop .


The discovery at SpindleTop at Beaumont .


Oil , the Handhill brothers at SpindleTop .


Oil fields in Florida .


SpindleTop at St Marys, West Virginia in the early 1890's .


SpindleTop Geyser explosion .