R.F. Service Projects


Get the Scoop club

This year all Roan Forest grade levels worked on a service project to help a part of our community. The Roan Forest, Get the Scoop club covered the service projects that as a school we have done during this 2015-2016 school year.


San Antonio Food Bank - Pre-K & Kinder

The Pre kinder and kindergarten service project is for a great cause. They collected peanut butter and macaroni and cheese for the San Antonio food bank. The food bank almost never has peanut butter to spare. The food bank will give some food to people that barely get one meal a day and struggle to get money.

Reporters: Mia, Jose, Egan, Jadiel, & Abby

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Down Syndrome Organization - 1st Grade

We visited 1st grade Mrs. Cardenas class to know more about their service project. They made ornaments for the Down Syndrome Organization and collect toys for the kids. The 1st grade students helped by making ornaments and encouraging their parents to bring a present for the children in the organization. The first graders learned helping others, synergizing, and thinking about others before yourself.

Helps others!

Reporter: Isabella Gonzales

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Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue - 2nd Grade

The second grade class was in charge of making cat toys for the Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue. They stuffed socks with cotton and gathered food and cat litter. They made the cat toys and bought the supplies. They will be having the person who runs the organization come and pick them up. Second grade was excited to help out the shelter.

Reported: Giselle, Sofia, and Sebastian

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Soldiers Angels - 3rd grade

This year for the 3rd grade service project they raised money for a charity called Soldiers Angels. They collected $350 worth of coins and made cards for the soldiers who were in the Veterans Hospital. The money was used to buy blankets and sand scarves for Soldiers in Afghanistan. It was inspiring to help those that help keep us safe.

Reporters: Fernando Tapia, Jamie Miller, Diego Rojas, Kelsie Salgado, and Carly Wilson

Pennies for the Playground - 4th grade

4th grade presents Pennies for the Playground. This project is about donating money for children in hospitalized. They want to build a special playground for the children that need it and can’t go to an average playground. The students contribute by donating money to the hospital .When they get a donation, they celebrate. They check every week for a new donation. They also send holiday cards to the hospitals.

Reporters: Dylan, Lara, Julianna ,Lance, and Mia.

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Braided Dog Toys - 5th grade

We interviewed Mrs. Garcia for the 5th grade service project. The project was to make braided dog toys to donate to an animal shelter. The students think this project was important because the dogs don’t have owners to buy them toys. For the project, students got 3 pieces of fleece and tied a knot, then braided it and finally they tied a knot at the end.

Hope those dogs had a "fleece Navidad"!!!

Reporters: Jake, Gisella, Sofia, and Layla

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