Human Growth and Development

by: Courtney Jones

Newborn Me

My name is Courtney Jones and I was born on July 11th, 2001. I weighed about 7lbs when I was born and was born through a vaginal birth.


As a newborn, you don't achieve as many milestones as when older, but a few you do achieve are gaining weight and recognizing your mom and dad.
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1-3 Years Old

At this age you generally began to roll over, sit up, and gain height and weight.
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3-5 Years Old

At this age, you began to learn to speak, walk, and may even began school.
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6-10 Years Old

Now you will be regularly going to school, and will most likely began to develop feelings and still grow.
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11-13 Years Old

Begins to form your own opinions, may began going through puberty.
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14-19 Years Old

At this age you begin high school and discover who you are and who you fit in with.
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20-40 Years Old

Through these years you may become emotionally stable and have a better sense of yourself as you began adulthood due to recently gained independence.
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40-65 Years Old

At this age, your body may become tired easily due to growing age. Women may began going through menopause as well.
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65 Years+

As you get closer to death, the more your body begins to ache. These ages can commonly cause pain in the back, neck, legs, and feet. You may also be more prone to diseases.
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