The Basics Of CopyWrite


  • Copyright is a form of intellectual property, applicable to any expressible form of an idea or information that is substantive and discrete.
  • Students or teachers are allowed to use a limited amount of copyrighted materials for school use only.
  • Copyright lasts of 70 years after the Creator dies.
  • There is a online place called the public domain where copyrighted material goes where the copyright is lifted and you can use it .
  • Copyright started in 1662
  • Copyright is informed as a civil matter, so you can be put in jail or fined or both if you break the copyright law.
  • The copyright symbol was created in 1983
  • Copyright over the years copyright have changed but the symbol has stayed the same.

Copyright Speech

Saturday, Jan. 24th 2015 at 8:15pm

700 N Grand St

Fowlerville, MI

Come to the Fowlerville High for this speech on copyright and everything i learned in thing 7 tracking doc.


8:15 Starting Speech

8:45 Lunch Break

9:15 Ending