OCPL Weekly Update

September 10, 2015

Meet Tyler Whitesides (of the Janitors series) September 14th at 4:30 PM! Please promote with our patrons!

IT Services

WOW! This switch over to Time Warner is getting real. Things are starting to move as we get closer and closer to the big date. I have a few things going on this week to get ready for the switch. Both companies are doing things with the ports for billing purposes; hey, this is what they told me; it is all way above my head. John is the server guy, but he is trying to teach me. But it is moving. After all this time of waiting, it is kind of like Christmas. OK, well, it is for us geeks.

I am still mobility challenged and will be at least for another three weeks, but they tell me I am doing great. (How come I don’t feel that way?) Hubby says they should just give me a parking spot and a room down there, as much as they have me going down to the hospital right now. When it rains it pours I guess. I will try my best not to be a grouch.

You all are so awesome keeping me grounded. I thank you all for that every day.

Vicki M. and Graham I have your new computers left to do, and Vicki N., Susan M., and task desk computers left to upgrade to Windows 7. If anyone sees any I don’t have listed (with exception of PACS, not doing those as they will be replaced, and print stations they are fine as is) that are still XP please let me know ASAP as I will need to get them on my list to do. Because next up is to start the Windows 10 upgrade. Yay, I know everyone is excited, but really it is not bad at all, I promise.

I am also back in school so my weeks are pretty full. For those of you who don’t know, I don’t work here on Fridays because I have another job. Hey, got to pay for school and all the funky programs and books they want. It is nowhere near as cheap here as it was in California. Although friends from Lexington and Louisville libraries came through and helped me access lynda,com. If you have an LPFL card, did you know that was a benefit? Yep, and an awesome one at that; check it out.

Your Zenful IT Tech


Mahan Library

Fall decorating is in full swing here at Mahan! Check out how it looks behind the circ desk. We also spruced up the outside of the library by putting some mums beside the front door. Thanks go to Kendra for putting together the fall display, and to Lisa for picking out the mums.

We recently purchased a literature holder to display our brochures, bookmarks, informational sheets, etc. As you can see from the picture, it hangs on the wall next to the entrance to the kids’ room. Now that we have the literature holder, we don’t need to put nearly as much stuff on the circ desk. Kudos to Elizabeth and Kendra for convincing me of the need for this fixture. It was money well spent!

See you next week!


Main Library

Just a reminder that Susan will be off until next week so I’ll be the contact (in conjunction with your manager) in case of an emergency. I will be out of touch for a short while on Thursday morning and Saturday. With the short week and Tuesday off I don’t have anything to report. Have a great weekend.


Outreach & Adult Programming

I’m still trying to catch up on things post-summer! My office is cleaner than it’s been in months, and I’m on the road to (finally) being organized for fall.

Here are some new adult programs we’re offering this season:

Adult-ish: Meets the 1st Tuesday of every month, 6pm at the Main Library. This program is geared towards young adults, and will feature fun, whimsical programs such as coloring parties, book tastings (how to pair “mock”tails to your favorite book, how to make book-themed candles), Cupcake decorating contests, etc. While these programs target young adults, anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to attend. Adult-ish is for the young & young at heart!

The Gold Club: Meets the 2nd Thursday of every month, 10am at the Main Library. This program is geared towards seniors. Every meeting will have tea & biscuits (cookies for the non-anglified) to start the morning off right, and then will have a different theme each month. Themes include exercise (chair yoga & wii sports!), computer tips, financial planning, classic movie days, etc. Like the other program, while this series of programs is designed to fit our senior patrons, anyone over 18 can attend.

We also will be continuing our monthly Open Craft Days on the 3rd Wednesday morning of each month, and Open Game Days on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 1-5pm.

This month’s Game Day falls on International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19th) so attendees will have a chance to win pirate themed games to keep! Arrrr!

Finally, we’ll be having a special program each 3rd Thursday evening. These will sometimes be adult programs, sometimes family programs. This month is a family program: we’re having a free showing of the new Cinderella movie at 6pm. Free popcorn included!


South Oldham Library

The most exciting news first – South Oldham is getting a new roof! I have no details or scheduled work dates, but we are thankful to the Board for approval on this much-needed project!

We had a visit from Barb on Friday. She’s doing well, although keeping busy with her brother-in-law and with handling her sister’s estate. She still has that “magic book sale” touch! While she was here we sold $45.00 in books. She needs to visit more often!

We had an interesting request from a patron last week. He suggested that we charge 25¢ for our printouts because it would be easier to just put a quarter in the coin-op!

Dennis repaired our back door jamb over the Labor Day weekend. The latch was hanging up and the door would not close completely, so he used a grinder to make an adjustment. We’ll no longer be startled by patrons walking in the back door when we’re not open!

Finally, I’m off today (Thursday). My uncle passed away after a difficult battle with lung cancer. I had already scheduled time off for Friday and Monday to visit Alyse in South Carolina, so I will return on Tuesday. I’ll be accessible by cell and text. I can’t promise that I’ll be able to check email, though. As always, Julie will be second-in-command during my absence.


Technical Services

Vicki Niehaus

Teens & Main Circ

Programs started up again in full swing this week. We had a really nice group for Book Besties, see pics below. Please encourage teens to check out our volunteer opportunities on the teen webpage: www.oldhampl.org/teens.html. These events/programs are a great way for teens to serve the community and also earn hours for other organizations to which they belong.

· Book Besties

· Adventure Time

· Maker Mondays, including the Family Science Night

Next Week for Teens: Book Besties & Teen Writer’s Studio (on Thursday @ 6:00)


Children's Services

The big event is on Monday, September 14th at 4:30 PM. Meet Tyler Whitesides of the Janitors series. He will be reading from his newest book in the series. Books will be for sale from Barnes and Noble, and proceeds benefit the library! Please promote this to our patrons. We would really like a good showing for this.

Other events next week:

· Lego Robotics Tuesday September 15th at 6 Pm at Main. Sign ups online.

· Butterfly Science Story Time for ages 3 & up. Saturday September 19th at 11 AM. Sign ups online.

· Drop-in Legos at Mahan 4-5 PM Tuesday, September 15th.

· And all our regular programs. Check out our calendar online!




Next Week's "Days of Future Passed"

September 13, 1916: Roald Dahl was born.
September 17, 1996: Oprah Winfrey launched her book club.
September 18, 1937: "Their Eyes Were Watching God" was published.
September 17, 1883: William Carlos Williams was born.