With this app, teachers can create content for their students that they can view anywhere, any time, and at their own pace. In addition, they are able to track whether students are actually accessing the content as well as their test performance.
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This tool could be utilized by a high school CTS business, marketing or management class. Students can create business plans and utilize this app as part of their marketing component or to create presentations for their class projects.
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This app would allow students to create their own website on any device without any website construction knowledge. This could be useful in a CTS business course but also for any other course that allows differentiation in presentation formats.
mobiSiteGalore - Build your mobile website in minutes


This mobile app could be used in a CTS business finance class in combination with a stock trading activity. This app allows students to see what is being tweeted about their favorite stocks, or the stocks they have chosen for their trading project. This creates an authentic learning experience for students because it shows a real world connection and utilizes a tool they will all be familiar with and likely spend a lot of time on.
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HootSuite is a great social media management tool that can be used in a CTS marketing class. This app allows you to manage all your social media accounts in one app. It allows you to schedule messages for future messaging and to analyze how engaging your messages are and how your audience is receiving them.
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