The raft research

by- Maria castaneda

Before the plane crashed

Robi was at Honolulu with her aunt Aj to visit her for a month. She got her nose pierced without her parents knowing. Her aunt got a phone call from her boss saying she needed to go to LA tomorrow. Bobbi was supposed to keep a eye out on her but Bobbi called Robi and told her she wasn't going to be able to keep an eye on her. Robi lied to her aunt Aj and told her Bobbi was going to keep an eye out on her. One day she went to McDonalds to get herself a meal on they way back to the apartment a homeless guy grabbed her hair saying to her i told u to go home Lucy. Robi got to the apartment scared and said she wasn't going to stay another day. She scheduled a trip home. She was a the airport she didn't get weighed or her name on the passengers list.

In the ocean

While the plane was flying it started tumbling. Robi gets scared and doesn't move. Max tells her she needs to do what he tells her to do to survive.But Robi doesn't move so max slaps her. Then throws her a life guard. Then he picks her up and throws her off the plane into the ocean. Robi is in the ocean and she says dying is much easier then fighting for her life. But she gets a feeling and she doesn't want to die so she starts fighting for her life again and she get to the surface and she's under the raft. Max gets her out of the ocean by her hair. She starts screaming at him saying "you threw me out of the plane" he tells her "would you rather be in it". Max hit his head so he sleeps a lot. She sees a horizon line which means there was a island near by.

On the island to the end

Robi wakes up on the island and her eye is swollen and shut. She can't find max neither the raft and supplies. She starts collecting lighters she finds in the island while she is doing that she sees whats left of the raft and max sitting in it. She asks him "how did you get here?" he responds saying " how did you get here?". One day while Robi was laying down on the beach she hears some noises and goes check it out she finds out its a Hawaiian monk seal. A shark bit it and its suffering so Robi takes the board and kills it to stop it from suffering. Then the baby seal comes looking for its mom and Robi feels bad for it cause while killing the mom it killed the baby to. She names it starbucks. One day starbucks gets tangled in a marine debris Robi trys to untangle it but shes to late so starbucks dies. Robi ends up eating starbucks. She sees a ship but she thinks she imagining it because she is dehydrated. She gets rescued by the people from the NOAA ship she faints. Wakes up in a hospital. The Doctor asks her what were you doing in that island anyways and she tells him she was in the g-one he said "impossible nobody survived that plane crash. she gets a hold of her parents and she goes home.


Text to self- This story kinda reminds me of that one time our car stopped working in the middle of nowhere we were stuck on the road for like 3 hours.

Text to text- This story reminds me of the movie the Cave.

text to world- This story connects to Annapolis ship