Cross-Curricular Reading Academy

For Secondary Teachers of All Subjects

Offered to SUHSD Teachers in collaboration with NDNU

Join SUHSD teachers and Notre Dame de Namur Instructors in a year-long cohort in which you will learn strategies for literacy instruction and assessment including:

  • Supporting students' mindset in reading
  • Reading strategy instruction in your subject area
  • Assessing students' reading skills
  • Teaching skills for summarizing, clarifying, questioning and predicting
  • Interacting with the text
  • Comprehension, fluency and phonics
  • Theory and foundational knowledge of reading development

Commitments for 2017-2018

  • Two days in August before the 2017-2018 school year
  • Monthly after school sessions during the school year for 2.5 hours from 4:15 PM to 6:45 PM
  • 1.5 post semester days in June, 2018
  • Classroom Field Work
  • About 60 hours of class time and fieldwork

Goals for Teachers and Students

  • Build literacy across the curriculum
  • Have more reading expertise across subject areas
  • Help struggling readers access curriculum, access content and be successful in content area courses
  • Build reading instructional expertise for teachers working in intevention courses

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program open only to English teachers?
No. English, Social Studies, SPED, and Science teachers are particularly encouraged to attend and will receive first priority, but all certificated staff members may participate if space allows.

Do I have to pay for the program?
No. Teachers accepted into the program will not have to pay anything for the program. If teacher wants to receive graduate level units, they will need to pay NDNU for the units. Units are estimated to cost less than $400 per unit (4 units available). This is almost half the cost of regular NDNU units.

Will I be paid my curriculum rate to attend?
No. Teachers will have two options once they complete the program:

1) Teachers can pay for four units from NDNU (less than $400 per unit) for advancement on the salary schedule


2) Teachers can receive a stipend of $1500 plus two Chromebooks for classroom use.

Have additional questions?

contact Kristin Stout, or Alissa Talesnick,