Thomas Jefferson

BY: william Hobbs

why i picked Thomas Jefferson 1

I picked Thomas Jefferson, the Democratic-Republican. I like him because he wanted the farmers to have a say and not just the city people with lots of money. He knew that the farmers woke up every day with problems about the economy and new what would be best. And also he did not want the banks or the factories to take over. He thought that the farmers are the most important than anyone because they are going to be the ones that trade with other countries for good and other materials.

why i picked Thomas Jefferson 2

My next reason I picked him was that he did not want the rich people to rule. But yes they did know the government more than anyone but that’s the problem they do what is best for the government not the people. For EX: they would raise the taxes way to high because they want to get out of debt but what they don’t know is if they put the taxes up to high people are not going to buy the idem anymore. So they wanted what was best for the government and not what is best all around

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why i picked Thomas Jefferson 3

And my last thing is the Alina sedition act that was for the immigrants that wanted to be a U.S. citizen they had to wait 14 years not 5 years and he knew that, that was not right and it should be changed. He knew that they worked hard to come the the U.S and have a good life and he kenw all the trouble they went though so they should not have to wait any longer. He wanted them to be like every body else and live among the whites.