Mesopotamian Innovations

By: Alexis Garost

What is an innovation?

Innovations are new, exciting ideas and things people create. They allow people to have a simpler life, and they solve problems. A great example would be the wheel. It was a new idea that made travelling easier.

How have innovations influenced Western Civilization?

Innovations have influenced Western civilization by bringing us a written language, the wheel, mathematics, new farming techniques, astronomy, new architectural styles, and more. In turn, we have evolved these things further. We have also changed them in many ways. Without any of the Mesopotamian innovations, some of the things we have today wouldn't be here or would be less evolved.

How did the Mesopotamians use the innovations?

How have innovations changed through out the years?

Innovations have changed by becoming more modern, and much stronger. They are still being used to simplify life, and are constantly evolving. Chariots have evolved into cars, mud bricks have evolved into concrete, and summer and winter have evolved into four seasons.

How do we use innovations today?

Today, we use innovations to solve world problems like: world hunger, poverty, and pollution. However, we still use innovations to make life simpler. For example: An iPhone. iPhone's were an innovation in telecommunication. Chevrolet cars were an innovation in transportation. Today, innovations are updated versions of some of Mesopotamia's innovations.

The driving question: What Mesopotamian legacy has helped us the most?

I think innovations have helped us the most. All of Mesopotamia's innovations have helped us. From the wheel, to cuneiform, to laws. If the didn't invent some of the things they did, some of the things you see today wouldn't be here, or would be less evolved. Innovations are Mesopotamia's greatest legacy.