Bipolar Disorder

By: Anna Wilde

What is it?

Bipolar Disorder is one of the several medical conditions called depressive disorders, brain functions.

Signs or Symptons

  • Racing speech and thoughts
  • increased energy
  • decreased need for sleep
  • poor judgement
  • difficulty concentrating
  • Loss of intrest in usual activities
  • loss of energy/fatigue
  • no concentration
  • thoughts of guilty or worthless

How does it affect someone?Other names/forms?

Experience times of normals periods of severe mood swings. Changes your mind on things fast. Unormal, "Like a pendulum that keeps arching higher and higher."
  • mania (highs)
  • depression(lows)

How is it diagnosed? How is it treated?

  • Difficult to diagnose
  • may need to go to a psychiatric doctors, for treatment

  • Psychiatrist or psychologist
  • no meds
  • talk it through with a specialist
  • may take a while