Sir Walter Raleigh

Learn the history of the explorer, Sir Walter Raleigh.

Sir Walter Raleigh was the explorer, sponsoring for the English Colony in search of another colony. If he was caught during his exploration he would be sentenced death. Along his journey he had gained favoritism of his queen. He was successful in retrieving potatoes and tobacco. He failed two attempts in search of El Dorado. During his exploration of the Northwest Passage, he went with his half brother, Sir Humphrey Gilbert in 1578. Their return was in 1579. He died in the year of 1618 when he was sentenced death. He had also sponsored Richard Huklyt's Discourse Of Western Planting.
The Life of Sir Walter Raleigh

EQ- Which explorer would have influenced you to want to immigrate from Europe to the area they explored?

An explorer influenced me to immigrate from Europe to the area they went to would be Sir Walter Raleigh. He explored many places. He also sponsored both the English Colony and Richard Hukluyt's Discourse of Western Planting. During his journeys he was risking everything for his queen and his colony. Although he didn't always accomplish what he wanted to, he was successful in his first exploration. He was even great enough to become a favorite of the queen.