The Amazing Life of A. Cell

By Grace Liu

BOOM! CRASH! A. Cell squirmed deeper under the covers. This was her least favorite type of storm out of all of them: the thunderstorm. To her, they were worse than snakes and spiders. The most worse thing was that her other siblings teased her : Heredity, Nucleic and Acids. Lipids, the school bully was mean to her too. At least she had good friends like Homeostasis, Evolution, Energy, and Interdependence. Homeostasis had a bunch of allergies so she sneezed a lot. She wasn't much fun to play with but she was still a good friend. Evolution didn't change a lot, at least not that A. Cell could see. Needless to say, Energy was always energetic and Interdependence was really nice. Her parents, Proteins and Carbohydrates, spoiled her a bunch. Oh well, her life was still amazing!