Preschool News

October 14, 2016

This week

This week we learned many fire safety tips. The children were very good at recalling many of them. We were able to write our first Friday message, which is a writing piece where the children give me the information to write in sentence form. Ask your child what fire safety information they remember. The following are a few tips we covered:

What do we do when our clothes catch fire? (stop, drop and roll)

What should you do if a building or house is on fire? (get out, do not take anything with you)

What should you do if there is smoke inside your house? (crawl to get out)

What are items that a child should not touch because they are dangerous and hot? (lighter, stove, oven, grill, candle)

The children had so much fun with the firefighters and the fire engine. Make sure to ask about their visit.

Along with fire safety we learned the letter "Cc". We completed a Cc book and did a cut and paste of a cat. The children are showing great improvement in their cutting.

Next week we will learn about Birds of Prey and the letter Dd. We are introducing the letters in alphabetical order so please feel free to start gathering pictures that begin with the letter of the week ahead of time. Just a reminder that the pictures have to be small because they are being placed on a 8"x8" square that has the letters printed on it. the pictures go around the letters.

Our buddies will be visiting on Wednesday, Oct. 19th. Please have your children to school by 8:15am so they are here to enjoy time with their buddies.

Halloween is fast approaching. The Halloween parade and party will be on October 28th. The parade will start at 8:30am in the gym. The parents stand around the outside of the gym so they can see the parade as it walks by. Our class party is very low key. We enjoy halloween snacks at snack time and then have Halloween themed centers. Please sign up to bring in food items for the party. The sign up sheet is on our bulletin board in the hall. Please remember we have a child with nut allergies.

You may pre-purchase your tickets for the Halloween carnival starting the week of Oct. 24th. This is a way to avoid a line the night of the carnival. The carnival is a wonderful family friendly event held by the Parents Association. There are games and prizes for children of all ages as well as a chili cook off. It is a spooktacular night!

Please make sure halloween costumes are school appropriate and do not have weapons. please send a change of clothes or put clothing under their costume. We do not want your child's costume to get dirty before Halloween.

The Nature Center is coming to visit next Thursday at 8:30am. The charge for this presentation is $10. The cost covers the visit in the spring as well. Please use the parent portal where you filled out your emergency cards, to pay for this special event. You can also drop off the money in the office with Calli.

Important Dates:

10/19: Parents Association meeting 8:15am

10/24-10/27: Halloween Carnival tickets for sale

10/27: Nature Center Presentation 8:30am

10/28: Halloween Parade @8:30am, Halloween Party all day, Halloween Carnival 6:00pm-8:00pm

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