Israel Part 2

Foods 4B

5 Native Dishes in Israel

Schnitzel- a breaded chicken, kind of like a regular crispy chicken fried with breadcrumbs.

Matzoh Ball- a soup with chicken broth and balls made of matzoh, usually with carrots and celery

ShakShuka- a dish with tomatoes and eggs, the eggs are sunny side up with tomato and lemons, mostly for breakfast.

Borekas- a soft flakey triangle or square with anything from cheese to spinach and feta in it, an everyday snack.

Falaffel- a deep fried, ball made from chick peas, usually eaten with pita bread.

Herbs and Spices used in everyday foods

One main spice in the Israeli kitchen is Zartar which is a mix of herbs and sesame seeds used mainly all around the middle east. Another main spice is Cumin, middle east loves smokey flavors which cumin is, they use it in alot of their meat dishes. Along with the smokey, they use a Jerusalem mix which is a blend of alot of different spices like paprika and Baharat. They also love Smoked Paprika which is paprika with a little more smokey to it for meats and dips. Lastly, they use Saffron, which is sold in spice stores in Israel, used in alot of dishes with rice and meat aswell.