The class

People I know

People I know

I know everyone in my class. I can name all of them as well maybe not all their last names but I can name their first name. Kristina, Trinity, Laken, Lee, Trinity Hannah, Alex, Johnny , Jalliea, Phebe, Vannessa, Michael, Jaden, Dylan, Iilga, Timothy, Noah, Marlo, Me/Mariah, Danle, Kelsey, Shawn. My teacher is so cool, we also have IPads that we use everyday and someways he will let us use our phones.

My amazing teacher.

My teacher is so awesome. He has fun with us and he teaches us too. But in a fun way. H is the best. He is one of my favorite teachers. But sometimes he can be mean. When he is mean it is funny because if you listen to him he won't yell at you. And if you do not listen to him he will yell at you and it is pretty funny to see. But other than that he is cool....

A few people in my class.


Writing process

This is my class doing this writing process with the story I am working on know. But some people are still finishing something else from the last project. But almost everyone is on the same thing. Mr g my teacher really tries to let everyone have their own time to do stuff but he mostly let's them do it in class. Especially if they were absent somedays.

Thanks for reading

Give me comments so I can see how I did I hope I did good. Thanks very much