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What!!!... He left You for Her?


What your father didn’t tell you and your mother didn’t know

Successful. Beautiful. Intelligent. Yet a satisfying relationship eludes Debra Hampton. At thirty-five years old, she can’t figure out why her philosophy on men—and what they want from women—isn’t working. She’s trapped in a cycle of shattered relationships, until a friend refers her to a relationship guru. After some resistance, Debra finds refuge in his counsel as he helps her navigate through the storms of rejection and failed love. Once he reveals the error of her ways, will Debra master the forbidden secrets to attract her soul mate or continue to keep love at bay?
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Valerie J. Lewis Coleman (USA)

Valerie has helped women across the nation find relational fulfillment. With over twenty years of experience in family and relationships, this expert has given advice on various issues including identifying the four types of male hunters, avoiding seventy percent of men who only want the goody box and winning the heart of Mr. Right-For-You. As she assists others with building strong relationships, she shares how she overcame personal struggles and offers proven techniques to help you get off the crazy cycle of relational demise in her bestselling novel THE FORBIDDEN SECRETS OF THE GOODY BOX! To learn more about Valerie Join us live, on Sunday 11th November 8.30pm GMT

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You will enjoy Valerie’s proven advice on

  1. Three things that lead women to make terrible relationship decisions
  2. Every man’s private marriage checklist
  3. A simple two-letter word that makes him want to pop the question
  4. Why he just won’t propose
  5. Little signs that tell her he’s the one
  6. How to become a “man” whisperer with advice from men that women would be crazy to ignore
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Women Ask? (Mindset Game)

Q.Are all men really dogs?
Q.What’s the top secret fear men have when it comes to dating?
Q.Why cant some men be upfront and honest?
Q.How can women spot Mr. Wrong?

Giveaways Of Valerie book!!!

She has great stories that will empower, inspire and encourage your audience to finding fulfilling relationships. Valerie has spoken / appeared on numerous shows including The Mother Love Show, NBC and Fox. THE FORBIDDEN SECRETS OF THE GOODY BOX has received rave reviews in local and national outlets. Valerie has agreed to give away copies of her book 'THE FORBIDDEN SECRETS OF THE GOODY BOX' to audience who JOIN us in live ONLY!

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“A brilliant writer. I love her work. The characters are so real, so rich and fleshed out so well. You hit the nail on the head with these women. Can I have the rights to the movie?”

Mother Love, TV and radio host of The Mother Love Show TheMotherLoveShow.com

Time to do some soul searching questions?

Are you tired of the foolishness that comes with dating?

Do you long for answers to deal with dysfunctional relationships?

Have you endured the heartaches and headaches of the other woman, Mr. Wrong

or militant children?

As an empowerment expert and problem solver, I can help you find relational fulfillment.


By sharing my personal challenges and triumphs and the secrets I used to live a happier life! Join me live with my host Trevor Carter and let me tell you some secrets!!

You too can be greater!