The Star Spangled Learning

Teaching the history behind the Star Spangled Banner

Linking the Learning to the TEKS

TEKS 5.17b Citizenship. The student will sing or recite "The Star Spangled Banner" and explain its history.

How to relate this to PBL...

The teacher will use the TEKS to obtain the focus of the learning that needs to take place. Francis Scott Key creates a blog or some other web based tool or another medium such as painting or comic strip or writing in order to present the historical information found.

Entry Event

The teacher will plan an entry event to grab the attention of the students and introduce main facts and vocabulary necessary for the project.

Entry Event for this project...

We will have "FSK" come to our classroom and talk to our students about what he was thinking the night he wrote the Star Spangled Banner. He will also visit his blog with them.

The Driving Question-Gives voice and choice

FSK will introduce a driving question for our students which directs them toward the learning required by the TEKS.

21st Century Skills

Documents Related to the Project

  • Question Slips
  • Contracts
  • Planning Forms

Brainstorm a list of questions

  • students are constantly revisiting the driving question and the list of questions to direct research
  • test ideas
  • students draw their own conclusions without you handing them information

Feedback for your Students

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Publicly Present Product

The project is more meaningful when it is presented, not only for the teacher, but for an authentic audience. Your iTechs or instructional coaches can help set this up.

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