Batman VS The Joker


Batman is a symbol of justice. He is the masked crusader of Gotham. Batman lives by a strict moral code.Batman operates outside of society with the virtues of a gentlemen. The core of his identity is Bruce, Batman is a tool he uses to avenged his parents. But he’s still a damaged person playing out his childhood tragedy.

Bruce is scared of bats. When he goes to the opera, with his parents, he makes them leave early because he is scared, as the opera reminds him of when he feel into the bat cave and was attacked by bats. They leave the opera and his parents are gunned down. He blames himself for their death. His fears kills them, from his prospective.

Using the bat as his symbol was Bruce's way of telling people he wasn't afraid. It was Bruce's way of saying "I over came that fear I can over come anything."

Balancing the Worlds

Batman has developed a “Hero’s complex”. He is obsessive compulsive about saving and looking after the people of Gotham. So much so that nothing else matters. He sits passively in meetings, about deals worth million for his company, staring out the window waiting for the sun to set so he can become Batman. It's easy for him to stop being Bruce Wayne not Batman.

He is so consumed by his role as the Batman he is incapable of having a long term meaningful relationship. Falling in love is Batman's weakness. He doesn't want to love anyone as just being affiliated with him is dangerous. He doesn't want to fall in love with someone as the risk are too high. They could be killed, he'd feel responsible for putting them in danger just as he had with his parents.

Who is the real Bruce Wayne? Batman or Bruce? He is divided between his day time persona and his “shadow side” Batman. Batman operates outside of society with the virtues of a gentlemen.

The Joker

Most criminals are motivated buy wealth, revenged, a clear motivation. But the mentally ill are harder to understand. You don’t necessarily understand why they are doing what they’re doing. The Joker just wants to create caseous. He was dropped in a chemical pit. It left him disfigured and his mind alter. The Joker threatens the presents of Batman’s existence. They have a philosophical conflict.

The Batman believes that you must address the absurdities of our world and change it. Where as the Joker believes that the world is morally corrupt and is a joke.