Flight Malaysia 370

The dissapering plane


Flight malaysia 370 was a schedualed flight from kuala tumpur to bejing. The airplane was carrying 239 passengers and went missing march 7th 2014. It is presumed to of crashed in the southern indian ocean. Malaysian airlines made a multi natinal serch for the airplane. Later airplanes debris was found on saint andre africa. (Wikipeadia 2016)


The most obvius evidence that proves that somthing went wrong is that the airplane made a sudden left turn and returned to malaysia,but what makes it even more strange is that it flew over malaysia and kept flying towrd antartica. Another big piece of evidence, debris was found in africa and a picture showed debris near aulstralia.



What do I think happend to Mh370.

I think the plane caught fire because it all just adds up and makes scense. The plane made a sharp return and kept flying for some strange reason. Coincidence I think not!


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