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Elementary Coaching Cycle: November/December Schedule

The Google Calendar invites seemed to receive positive feedback, so I will continue sending them this month as well. This calendar should take us to the end of the semester. The goal is to have each grade level wrap up the fourth cycle, and we will start with cycle five beginning next calendar year.

Monday11/5 4th Grade Intro (Cycle 4)

Tuesday 11/6 5th Grade Debrief (Cycle 3)

Wednesday 11/7 No Meeting

Thursday 11/8 Kindergarten Intro (Cycle 4)

Friday 11/9 1st Grade Debrief (Cycle 3)

Monday11/12 No Meetings or Observations

Tuesday 11/13 No Meetings or Observations

Wednesday 11/14 No Meetings or Observations

Thursday 11/15 No Meetings or Observations

Friday 11/16 No Meetings or Observations

Monday11/19 No Meetings

Tuesday 11/20 No Meetings

Monday11/26 5th Grade Intro (Cycle 4)

Tuesday 11/27 3rd Grade Debrief (Cycle 4)

Wednesday 11/28 No Meetings

Thursday 11/29 1st Grade Intro (Cycle 4)

Friday 11/30 2nd Grade Debrief (Cycle 3)

Monday12/3 No Meeting

Tuesday 12/4 4th Grade Debrief (Cycle 4)

Wednesday 12/5 No Meeting

Thursday 12/6 2nd Grade Intro (Cycle 4)

Friday 12/7 Kindergarten Debrief (Cycle 4)

Monday 12/10 No Meeting

Tuesday 12/115th Grade Debrief (Cycle 4)

Wednesday 12/12 No Meeting

Thursday 12/13 No Meeting

Friday 12/14 1st Grade Debrief (Cycle 4)

Thursday 12/20 2nd Grade Debrief (Cycle 4)

Keep in mind, I do make mistakes from time to time. If you see anything that doesn't look correct in the schedule, please let me know.

Need to Meet with Me?

If you need me to observe, co-teach, model or listen use the link below.The time slots are in 15 minute increments, and you are welcome to claim as many as you think you will need.