Do video games cause gun violence?

By: Michelle Villaron

Do you think that video games cause gun violence/violent behavior?

There is a controversy of video games causing gun violence.Parents around the world are now questioning the games their children play.They're games like ¨Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, The Last of us.¨Some may even think that video games can cause violent behavior.
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Does the youth have a better chance of getting effected by video games?

Yes there might be games with educational content but there are also video games that promote negative content such as the killing of animals and people, the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol,criminal behavior, etc.. Kids and teen who become overly involved with video games can create problems such as poor social skills, time away from family and friends lower grades. Video games can affect the youth.

Do violent video games play a role in shooting today?

There was an article that stated that a young man named Aaron Alexis played a lot of violent video games. On Monday, at Washington Navy Yard he had left 13 people dead. A lot of the gamer's stood up and said to stop blaming video games for the shooting.The controversy today is that people want to know a direct answer if violent video games play a role in shooting.

Do you think that people should stop blaming video-games?

The most blamed game is Grand Theft Auto and Call Of Duty.Now a days video games are blamed for everything violence. Whether its a kid acting up or the cause of gun violence.As studies show it also states that violent TV shows cause a decrease in brain activity.Other studies show that gamer's have better vision and a stronger cognitive ability to make quick decisions.


In conclusion, No one knows if video games cause shootings. Its a back and forth argument whether it is or not. In today's studies I shows that its in between. Who knows when were going to get a direct answer.


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