Executive Branch

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What is the executive branch?

-The executive branch is a part of the government that is in charge of enforcing the laws

-Makes sure the laws are obeyed that the country creates.

President & Vice President

-President Obama is in charge of the executive branch.

-President appoints the person who becomes the head of federal agencies like the CIA and FBI.

-He also reads reports of the problems happening to the FBI so that he knows how people are treating the laws.

-Power of the President is held in check.

-Vice President Joseph Biden helps in the decision making.

-If the President can no longer serve the Vice President takes control.

-The Vice President is chosen by the President.


-In order to become President or Vice President you must be: at least 35 years old, born in the USA, and has lived in the USA for at least 14 years.

-Vice president is picked by the President.

Election Process

1.) Announce Candidacy - approximately 2 years before the election.

2.) Primary Elections - February-June prior to the general election.

-Purpose is to narrow down the candidates, want to find the best republican and democrat.

-Each state decides when to have an election.

(New Hampshire- 1st primary in nation. Iowa- 1st caucus)

3.) Political Party National Convention - August/September.

-Officially announce President and Vice President candidates.

4.) General Election - 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November.

-This is when the citizens vote.

5.) Electoral College Vote - December

-Official vote for President.

6.) Inauguration - January, 20

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Electoral College

-The Electoral College is a group of electors.

-Each state has as many electors as in the Senate and House of Representatives.

-The Electoral College votes for President based on what the states think.

-The winning President must have at least 270 votes.

Responsibilities, Powers and Roles

President: Barack Obama

-Chief executive=boss of all workers of this branch

-Control of armed forces=leads the army, helps strengthen and make plans for the army.

-Enforce and make sure citizens obey the laws.= Talk to agencies to make sure people obey and follow the laws.

-Sign and approve of treaties.=Make sure the treaties are fair.

-Grant pardons to criminals.=Can excuse a criminal of their penalty.

-Chief Diplomat.=Manages international relationships.

-Chief of state=Represents the people in America.

-Can request laws to be made to help the USA and the people.

-Commander in chief= Makes decisions for the countries armed forces.

-Chief of party= Leader of political parties.

Vice president: Joseph Biden

-Becomes President of the President can't serve.

-Vice President advises the President and helps with decision making.

-Second highest official in the executive branch

-Does duties assigned by the president

-Has power in getting rid of officials

The Cabinet

Cabinet advises the President

-Department of State.

-Department of the Treasury.

-Department of Defense.

-Department of Justice.

-Department of the Interior.

-Department of Agriculture.

-Department of Commerce.

-Department of Labor.

-Department of Health and Human Services.

-Department of Housing and Urban Development.

-Department of Transportation.

-Department of Energy.

-Department of Education.

-Department of Veteran Affairs.

-Department of Homeland Security.

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Role in Law Making

-The President is the final place where a bill goes before it becomes a law.

-The President must approve of the bill and sign the bill, if he doesn't approve the bill he can veto and make changes.

-Vice President can vote if a tie takes place in the senate.


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