Confucianism vs. Taoism

Karina L. Herrera



  • Both have a founder.
  • See no contraction in following more than one religion.

  • Confucianism has only one God while Taoism has many deities.
  • Goal of philosophy in Confucianism is to have social harmony while for Taoism is to gain balance in life.
  • Confucianism stresses human conduct over belief in God while in Taoism stresses humanity's relationship with nature.

Individual Principles Forming a Religion

Our individual principles connect to each other to form a religion in the way that since we are all human beings we all share the same emotions and thoughts but not at the same time. I think that if you believe in something then you feel encouraged to do that. It is easy to start a religion because it is very likely that other people feel the same way as you, so you have followers who believe in the same things as you do.
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