Welcome to the White House!

Alex Franck P.4

A major issue in the 2016 Presidential Election

Isis has quickly evolved into America's largest terroristic threat after the attacks in Paris, France and San Bernardino, California, United States. Isis has warned of future attacks in the U.S. The United States and our allies need to go on the offensive and take the fight to them before radical Islam spreads like a wildfire. To preserve our way of life, we need to put our foot down. Using Arab boots on the ground with overwhelming air power from the U.S Air Force. If I were President, I would ask Congress to declare war against ISIS. I would consult with our Middle East and European allies. As our Chief Diplomat, I would keep the airways with Russian President Vladimir Putin open to make sure Russia and the United States stay on the same page. As President I would have to utilize my ability to compromise and yet still keep America's best interests relevant. Iran's alliance with the Russians is a national security risk but we as a nation have to focus on one objective at a time. Isis is currently to biggest threat to our safety. This job will require political courage but anything is possible.

Most Important Traits of a President

My Top 5 Traits

1. Too many politicians make false promises. I need a President that I can trust to make decisions which are put in the United States best interest.

2. A strong president needs to be able to motivate the country during tough times. Times have been rough since 9/11 and we need to get the United States fired up once again.

3. Leaders need to be able to ignore the toxicity and continue to do what they believe is best for the country. The need to have a flexible personality that is willing to take criticism.

4. The president needs to master the skill of decision making and be able to make crucial decisions under an immense amount of pressure.

5. Presidents need to be able to resolve conflicts in a peaceful between two parties while still keeping the nation's best interests.

What are the requirements to become the President of the United States?

Constitutional Requirements to become President

By the time of their inauguration, the President and Vice President must be:

  • natural born citizen
  • at least 35 years old
  • inhabitants of the United States for at least fourteen years.

Perks, Benefits, and Salary of the President

What President's receive during their time in office

Salary: The President's salary has been increasing over time and now current presidents make about $400,000 per year they are in office. President Richard Nixon made $200,000 while Harry Truman made about $100,000 although money has become more valuable over time.

Perks/Benefits : The President gets to live in the White House, has his own personal staff, can host activities on the South Lawn, gets his own transportation services such as Air Force One, their own Security, and a healthy pension after their time in office.

What powers are given to the President?

Constitutional powers given to the President

1. Executive : Command of the Military

2. Executive : Opinions of Cabinet Secretaries

3. Judicial : Pardons

4. Diplomatic : Advice and Consent Clause

5. Executive : Recess appointments

6. Executive : State of the Union Address

7. Executive : Making recommendations to Congress

8. Diplomatic : Receiving foreign representatives

9. Judicial : Caring for the faithful execution of law

10. Executive: Calling Congress into extraordinary session; adjourning Congress

I personally believe the power to command the military is most important since our military is the only way to influence the parts of the world in which we have no allies. The military allows us to shape the world and if we don't use it wisely, destroy the world.