Lionel Messi

The path of Lionel Messi

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The best football player in the world

Lionel Andres Messi is the man who i really admire

He is born in 1987 in Rosario,Santa Fe.The the doctors find a problem with Messi's growing up. When he was thirteen years old,he moved to Spain to join Barcelona. They agreed to pay for his medical treatment. He trained hard. During the 2003–04 season, his fourth with Barcelona, Messi rapidly progressed through the club's ranks, debuting for a record five teams in a single campaign. After being named player of the tournament in four international pre-season competitions with the Juveniles B, he played only one official match with the team before being promoted to the Juveniles A, where he scored 18 goals in 11 league games.After a fast progression through Barcelona's youth academy, Messi made his debute in October, 2004. At 22 years old, Messi won the Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year award by record voting margins.He became Barcelona's top scorrer. Ronaldinho and Messi were the superstars in Barcelona. They were the best duo atackers. After few years Ronaldinho left Barcelona. Messi beat the European records of scoring a gol in league. He is very famous like his oponent Ronaldo. Now when someone says Leo Messi or Christiano Ronaldo, we associate it with the best football player.
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My Admiration.

-Dribbling is ability to beat two or three players by running past them with the ball. Messi is best in this.
-No fake skill- I don't like too much step over. I do not admire it that much. Neymar or Cristiano or Ronaldinho do it more.
-Messi go deeper and deeper to collect the ball and give amazing assist to teammates.
-I really like his ambition when he was a child. He has never surrended and he continued to play for Barcelona. Now he is one of the most famous footballers in our century like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Xavi, Iniesta,Ronaldo and Neymar.
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