Physical & Chemical Smore

Gracie Hayworth 1st Period

Physical Property

Definition: A physical property is something that describes an object.

Examples: Soft, hard, big.

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Chemical Change

Definition: Something that changes into a new substance. It interacts with another substance.

Examples:Wood burning, rusting, and compounds broken down.

5 indicators: Production of gas, changes in temperature, production of a solid, color change, or odor.

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Physical Change

Definition: Changes the appearance of an item without changing the item itself.

Examples: Tearing a piece of paper, breaking a pencil, unfolding a paper clip.

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Chemical Property

Definition: Changes the substance and cannot get changed back to original form.

Examples: Mixing a batter, baking a cake, something cooking.

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Cool Video!

Amazing chemical reactions!

If the video doesn't work, try the link