Come to Argentina Today!!

Necessities for Argentina

1) Jacket- it can get very cold in the southern area of Argentina

2) Sunglasses- it can get very sunny so be prepared

3) swim suit- on the east coast the ocean water is great for swimming and beaching

4) Hat- If you are staying in the south in can get pretty cold so keep you head warm

5) Gloves- in the mountain and the south gloves are a great idea to keep warm

6) Raft- Argentina has many rivers to raft in

7) Hiking boots- The andes are great for hiking if your looking for something fun and challenging

8) Snow shoes- With cold weather comes snow so bring snow shoes to stay prepared

9) Sunscreen- even with cold weather Argentina has nice warm climates to with sunny peaks

10) Camera- Argentina has great sites to see and amazing views

Five famous/influential people from Argentina

1. Quirino Cristani- he made animated film which spread worldwide all over the world. Many movies and TV shows have animated film and people enjoy it.

2. Ernesto Sabato- a novelist, journalist, and a scientist. He wrote very famous books on philosophical and psychological issues. Also, he was a physicist and a humanist.

3. Bernardino Rivadavia- 1st president of Argentina, from 1826-1845 was his term, he ended from resign.

4.Emilio Pettoruti- a painter who started painting young and his paintings all had the same style.

5. Ariel Ramirez- he was a composer, pianist, and a music director. He died about four years ago inspiring many people.

Argentine Culture

  • people eat 3 meals a day
  • foods- fruits, veggies, lots of Italian food, beef almost everyday and empanadas
  • sports include: soccer, basketball, rugby, horse-riding and their home sport El Pato
  • clothing- European and North American fashion
  • Primary language of Argentina is Spanish other languages- English, indigenous languages- Guaranig, and Mapuche
  • Holidays- Dia de les Malvinas (day of the New Year), Christmas and Easter
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Argentina Flag

Argentine Government

  • Government consists of a president, vice president and a cabinet
  • Argentina has a democracy
  • Have a Senate house and a Chamber of Deputies
  • government politicians are elected by the people
  • Argentina has 23 provinces and 1 federal district
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Argentina Congress Building

Argentine Economy

  • Economy is very important to their society
  • Important industries- food processing, meat packing, motor vehicles, and consumer goods
  • Inflation has decreased
  • Economy is thriving after a long unemployment era
  • Argentina is the largest exporters of beef, hides, and wool
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This is the growth in Gross Domestic Product

Current Events in Argentina

  • New President- Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
  • First time credit market has opened
  • National soccer team is doing great and a fun entertainment experience
  • Argentinians support their new President
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This is the new Argentine President- Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Resource/Land Use in Argentina

In Argentina there are five minerals very important to society. Mineral, oil, natural gas, nuclear power, and seafood. Minerals are located in the middle-west and nuclear power in the middle-east. Seafood is located off the shore in the middle in the middle-east and off the south-east shore. Oil and natural gas are located in the south-east and the middle-west near minerals. Also in Argentina their are four main land uses; livestock raising, subsistence farming, commercial farming, and limited economic activity. Livestock raising is all over Argentina, but not in the north. Subsistence farming is mainly in the north. Commercial farming is located in the middle-east and in the middle-west and in the north. And finally limited economic activity is in the north/middle-west.

Physical Map of Argentina

My map is a physical map of Argentina. This means it shows land forms and tourist attractions. To start, to the west lies the Andes mountains which can reach up to 13,000 feet in some areas. This mountain range is great for hiking which is a fun and challenging activity to do. Further south you have the Pampas. To the east you find the Atlantic ocean which is a fun area to swim and hang out at the beach. Argentina is filled with rivers which are amazing for rafting which is an extraordinary experience that is fun and exhilarating. Rivers in this country include: The Salado River, Coloardo River, Parana River, and the Uruguay River. To the north you can find the chaco. All these land forms come together to create the amazing country of Argentina.

Culture Paragraph

Argentina has a highly diverse culture consisting of many factors. To begin, just like us Argentina's people eat 3 meals a day, these meals can consist of fruits, veggies, lots of Italian food, beef almost every day and empandas. All of these foods are spread throughout the day as great nutrition. To burn some of those calories Argentina has many sports including: soccer, basketball, rugby, horseriding and their home sport El Pato. Many of these sports are found in the U.S.A. yet with some twists in rules. Dressing and clothing in Argentina is very casual deriving from European and North American fashion. Many culture aspects of Argentina are found at home in the U.S.A. The primary language of Argentina is Spanish yet other languages include: English, and indigenous languages such as Guaranig, and Mapuche. Languages may be the same yet have different accents and slang. Argentina celebrates many holidays including Dia de les Malvinas (day of the New Year), Christmas and Easter. Christian holidays are greatly found in Argentina and more are celebrated than in the United States. All of these factors make up the Argentine culture and are great reasons to visit this wonderful country.

Government Paragraph

The Government of Argentina is similar to the one we have in the United States consisting of a president, vice president and a cabinet. Our governments are so like because Argentina has a democracy like us. Many characteristics are the same yet instead of a house of representatives they have a chamber of Deputies, and like us they have senates. Since they are a democracy everyone in their government is elected by the people. A democracy is run by the people and their votes. Argentina has 23 provinces and 1 federal district. The provinces are like our states and their federal district is like our D.C. The Senates and Deputies serve for 4 to 6 year terms and the president also.

Economy Paragraph

In Argentina, agriculture is very important and so is livestock. Important industries here include food processing, meat packing, motor vehicles, and consumer goods. Inflation has decreased a lot and foreign investment increased. The economy is really starting to thrive, coming back strong after a lot of people being unemployed. Argentina is the largest exporters of beef, hides, and wool; also they are big on wheat, corn, flax-seed, soybeans, and cotton. Inflation got a little higher from the improvement, but it is coming back down into a better economy.

Current Events Paragraph

There is a new president in Argentina. Her name is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Many people are happy with her as president and support her. The credit market has opened up for the first time. And right now soccer is very big, the national team is doing great. It is an entertaining thing that many people like to go see.

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